OWS fail, Romney tax 'gaffe,' media snow job

The left just can't handle the truth.

WASHINGTON, September 19, 2012 – The past seven days or so have been a shock and an embarrassment for those remaining Americans who really take the time to think about where this once-great democracy is headed. Which is down the commode, in case you haven’t looked lately.

To hear it from the blow-dried media, you couldn’t be faulted for imagining that one goofy amateur “filmmaker’s” exercise of free speech has set the Middle East’s violent dominoes collapsing, that Mitt Romney has written off nearly half the electorate, and that Monday’s Occupy Wall Street reboot in New York has…well, what happened there anyway? Nothing to see here, folks, just move along.

In random order, it’s transparent that the current, bloody Middle East brouhaha had a long gestation in Islamofascist think tanks. It was an operation set up well in advance and carefully planned for maximum effect on September 11, 2012. One fairly predictable thing about Al Qaeda and their ilk is that they love to do really bad stuff on days they deem significant—like 9/11, the date of their greatest triumph over helpless, blameless civilians—and they love to do this bad stuff in multiples of at least three, as simultaneously as possible to create maximum shock and awe.

To think that the rolling violence that started in the Middle East was spontaneous Muslim outrage over a “film” that had actually been available via YouTube for months—well, you know that old joke about the Brooklyn Bridge. Yet this has consistently been the Administration’s position since first trying to fob off the responsibility for that sniveling Egyptian embassy apology to the murderers for having “offended” their delicate sensibilities. We should perhaps consider apologizing to Christians the next time an artist tries to get away with exhibiting “Piss Christ 2012.” Nahh.

Questioning the movie guy who caused the current spontaneous uprising in the Middle East. A spoof campaign poster making the rounds on the Internet. Does this photo of an American citizen being hauled off for police questioning remind you of anything from back in 1979? Spooky, and it’s happening here, not in the Middle East.

The administration was, predictably, woefully unprepared for this mess and is now defensive about it. And they’re pretty good, too, having the formerly-known-as-Journolist stooges they usually employ behind the curtain to write or say—to borrow from Archie MacLeish—“nothing, nothing, nothing…nothing at all.”  (The “former” Journolistas, BTW, are mostly hiding under the filthy, Soros-funded rock currently known as “Media Matters.” More on this via IBD.)

Bottom line: although the resulting fallout from this administration’s ineptitude is still ongoing, it seems to have pretty much vanished from the airwaves. (More on this fallout via RedState.) Indeed, the Prudent Man was astounded to hear the bulk of CBS Radio’s noon news broadcast devote itself to the growing world threat of—wait for it—obesity. Hey, maybe a takeover of this country by the Islamofascists might lead to a cure. They’d kill all the fat people and improve the stats. What a concept. Quick, call Michelle!

Removed, too, from the media gaze was the miserable failure of Monday’s OWS action, geared, we were pretty much told, toward shutting down capitalism as we know it and redistributing all that 1% money to the other 99%, all of whom clearly deserve every penny of it. The results of Monday’s “action,” however, didn’t measure up to much. According to the Christian Science Monitor,” “Occupy Wall Street celebrated its one-year anniversary on Monday with a day of demonstrations that resulted in nearly 150 arrests but failed to produce the turnout or fervor that first propelled the movement into the national conversation.”

NYPD clearing out the detritus left in downtown New York’s Zucotti Park by Occupy Wall Street campers in 2011. (Uncredited Internet image.)


Noted Walter Russell Mead at The American Interest: “Yesterday was the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street—the movement that was to be the Left’s answer to the Tea Party, the one that had the chattering classes abuzz with excitement that History had reached an inflection point.

“Instead, the slow process of attrition has all but killed off the movement. As MercuryNews reports, fewer than 500 people showed up for an anniversary demonstration in San Francisco, and very small numbers turned up in New York as well, considerably fewer than the thousands who were turning out at events late last year.”

Demonstrating his genuine mean-spiritedness, Mead concluded that “OWS, like John Cleese’s parrot, is still dead. If you can’t get more than ‘hundreds’ of demonstrators to turn out in San Francisco, it’s past time to call the hearse.”

Tied in with this in a way was the MSM’s collective attack on more of those already-legendary “gaffes.” This time, Romney actually had the nerve to mention that the Palestinians aren’t really interested in peace with Israel.

Making matters worse, a edited audio tape (later discovered to have been carefully edited) of Romney allegedly writing off the roughly 47% of non-taxpayers who have no reason to vote responsibly was put in play by “Mother Jones.” That old left-wing rag had been holding it for months—such a surprise. Reminds us of Dan Rather’s “fake but accurate” forgery smear which he hoped would kill off George W. Bush’s re-election effort in 2004. This stuff is always held until late in the election cycle when it can (unless it backfires) create a negative firestorm for the candidate that gets slimed, rightly or wrongly. Dems love this kind of stuff, and you knew that something “shocking” would come out.

Problem is, Mitt was telling the truth in both “gaffes.” In case no one has noticed, aside from a brief, phony interlude chaired by America’s second worst President, Jimmy Carter, the Palestinians have never negotiated seriously for peace since the 1967 war with Israel. Maybe the press can’t handle the truth.

Second, and perhaps more importantly this fall, Romney was again pointing out a known fact and a logical conclusion as well. Ask yourself: if 47% of Americans pay zero federal taxes, why in heaven’s name would they want to vote for someone who might want to cut down on a few of their goodies in order for the U.S. to regain solvency and respect once again? This, of course, has been the Democrat strategy for the last forty years—keep increasing the number of voters dependent on the government until it tops 51%, at which point we have achieved socialism and the game is over.

Which is apparently what OWSers actually want. They’ve created no other route for their longed-for salvation other than confiscating everyone else’s wealth. That’s precisely why everyone who’s saved up at least a few bucks for their kids’ college expenses or for the retirement that the Feds are unlikely to provide for them have abandoned these scruffy demonstrators who always seem to be able to afford iPhones. Mitt Romney, in his remarks, has pegged this to a T.

Problem is, we’re near the end of the road on the efficacy of wealth confiscation as the following chart amply demonstrates.

Not to worry, though. OWS appears to be failing away, not with a bang but a whimper. The administration and the SEIU money that supported OWS have both dried up. When feckless OWSers brought unintended opprobrium on the President who encouraged them, the money and the political support for this astroturfing campaign came to an end.  Meanwhile, the Tea Party, which OWS was meant to drown out, is still going strong.

The U.S. economy is a basket case right now. Our foreign policy is in tatters, exposing us to real, present dangers. Our young people know they’ve been permanently screwed, but they’re largely blaming the wrong party for that screwing. And those who genuinely want to help solve the problem are regularly slimed, slandered, and reviled by a pack of over groomed, self-important media ninnies, most of whom have never done a bit of actual work during their charmed lifetimes.

If the economy is to be restored to its once vibrant health, those remaining fence sitters are going to need to think really hard before they pull the lever that everyone seems to be telling them to pull.

Otherwise, they’ll find—as they did the last time—that they’ve elected the guy pictured below to captain the ship of state for another ruinous four years.

Our own little buddy, ready to take over the helm of the U.S. for more than a three hour tour? (Scurrilous PhotoShop job making the rounds of the Internet. But maybe not so funny?)

Here’s hoping that our own good ship U.S., unlike the hapless Minnow, won’t be lost.

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