'Ponzism': Kleptocrats vs. global serfs

Provocative macro analysis close to hitting the mark.

WASHINGTON, October 2, 2012 – The market opened sharply higher this morning. Before it decided to move sharply lower. Markets will remain terminally confused this month as traders and investors alike await the outcome of this momentous election.

Except, similar to what Nancy Pelosi said about that always-mysterious Obamacare legislation (“We’ll have to pass it to learn what’s in it” or something like that), we’ll only know who’s really ahead in the election the morning following the voting. (Or, if Romney wins, the morning after the Supreme Court has to rule again to stop selective vote counting.)

The media has been shilling ceaselessly and shamelessly for Obama from the get-go. First, the big story was Romney’s tax returns or lack thereof. That was rebutted short term by the Romney team by forcing the equal and opposite question: Why can’t we find out anything about Obama’s past aside from what he alleges? Then, Romney releases most of his relevant returns anyway, and there’s no story there. Stalemate. Next.

Okay, well Romney makes gaffes, like the 47% speech and his stupid remarks about our Libyan/State Department disaster, alleging that this was an organized terrorist attack planned for months and not the result of an amateurish trailer for a movie that was never made. Oops. Most Americans buy into Romney’s 47% remark and Al Qaeda had planned the attack on the American ambassador to Libya likely for months, using the anti-Islam “film” as a pretext. Stalemate. Moving right along.

Now, all of a sudden, the only news reports we get on the election are polls, polls, polls. No issues. Just polls. And polls which, amazingly, put Obama so far our front of Romney that what happened to Alf Landon in 1936 will become a tiny, insignificant footnote in Presidential history when compared to the way Obama will liquefy Romney’s sorry remains. Wait a minute. Whoops. Romney’s almost even again in those polls? In less than a week after his near-death experience of terminal unlike-ability? In polls that are absurdly slanted to oversample Democrats? Nothing to see here folks. Let’s move along to the Koch brothers again, like the Alinskyites at the Washington Post did this morning.

If you get the impression that critical stuff is being withheld from you, you’re on the right track, partner. And we’re not the only ones thinking this. Via the invaluable ZeroHedge, we’ve stumbled onto an interesting piece posted late last week by Michael Krieger who runs the “Lightning War for Liberty” blog.

Krieger bills himself as a former Wall Street denizen who made the big bucks in the early 2000s but eventually decided to quit. He could no longer look at himself in the mirror each morning, so crooked were the tables where he and his fellow Masters of the Universe were running the game. (Roughly the same reason the Maven left the biz in the 1980s, interestingly enough.)

In his refreshingly straightforward and perceptive analysis of the current economy and investment climate, Krieger strikes remarkably close to the point of view we’ve been pushing here for months. But he does so with amazing clarity, even though he still seems to have a soft spot for liberalism at times, though even that may be waning fast.

Krieger’s thesis is simple and it should be obvious. The elites of the world—aided and abetted, we’d point out, by hardened propagandists who pose as journalists—have gradually destroyed the capitalist engine that created a middle class life for an increasingly large number of individuals in the post World War II era. Co-opting it for their own use, they’ve been impoverishing the average Joe for decades while distracting him with various crises and ward.

As a result, these elites in both banking and government have created a giant Ponzi scheme that enriches only themselves while driving legions of once comfortable and happy families and individuals back into the serfdom they thought they’d left far behind in the mists of history.

According to Krieger, however, we’re now very close to what the Maven would call that Popeye Moment. You know, the one where the battered Popeye chugs down a can of spinach, declaring, “I’ve stood all I can stand and I can’s stands no more!” before he wales on Bluto. Krieger would agree with Popeye here, as he makes the following observation:

“Serfdom has simply been pushed too far.  Globally.  What we are about to witness, incredibly, is not just a change in the way that one or two countries or even a specific region of the world operates.  No, what we are about to witness is a complete transformation globally, a change that I believe will be incredibly positive and will ultimately free us from the shackles upon the minds of humanity as a species.  The internet has allowed us to connect with one another in a manner never before possible, and this tool has permitted us to blast through the lies of the global elite that is desperately trying to hang on to control.  Whether it was the intention from the outset or not, what globalization has created is a very small class of incredibly wealthy people that are extraordinarily corrupt as a group and also above the law.  They are able to hide enormous amounts of money.  They are able to insider trade.  They are able to deal drugs.  They can do whatever they want, yet if anyone below them does the same they are prosecuted in a manner that resembles Medieval torture.”

Krieger thinks, as we do, that the increasingly violent demonstrations in Greece and Spain are but a prelude to what will happen all over Europe and eventually here—something that will dwarf the actions of the already flummoxed “Arab Spring” demonstrators who, sadly, have been shunted aside by more experienced Islamofascists:

“What we are witnessing now all over the world are merely the effects of that tipping point clashing with the corrupt global elite that refuses to budge an inch and reform even though it is in their best interest to do so.  No, they are so arrogant and criminal after decades of doing what they please with zero consequences they would rather attempt to implement a global police state rather than deal with the nightmare of their actions and make the world a better place.  Therefore, it is up to us, as a species, to reclaim what is our birthright.  Freedom.

“As I wrote the other day on twitter, what we have today is not Socialism or Capitalism, it is Ponzism.  I am talking on a global level.  Basically every country and every region.  The biggest pitfall we must avoid as a species is allowing the global power structure to pit us against one another.  These guys don’t fight wars, they send you to fight them.  Don’t fall for it.  Their number one trick once things get bad within their own nations is to attempt to create a war.  This checks two very important boxes for them.  First, it creates a distraction for the general public and even makes them think that they are part of a team that needs to be cheered…. Second, it allows the government to do pretty much anything they want in the name of ‘winning the war’ or ‘national security.’” 

Krieger momentarily goes off the rails here, using the “endless” War on Terror as an example of this, apparently forgetting that it was we who were attacked by the Islamofascists, not the other way around. Yet in general, his point is well taken, applicable in recent years to classic examples, like the Falklands War and the various wars and genocidal actions that marked the breakup of Tito’s Yugoslavia.

In any event, Krieger pinches in on the greater significance of the Arab Spring to our own situation which, according to him:

“…was under appreciated and continues to be…[as]…this was merely the first major outburst in what is certain to be a Global Spring. The world’s population centers in general are increasingly able to identify with the frustration of those in the Middle East, so far removed from our psyches just a decade or so ago. The most important thing for us all to realize is that there is another way. We have infinite potential as a species to create, innovate and evolve. We just need to collectively remove the gigantic jackboot from our face.”

Mmm, distrust that word “collective” there, but strong and steady mass action, à la the Tea Party for example, but on a mass scale, will be required to put the elite beast back in its cage where it belongs.

Krieger spends a fair amount of time citing international examples where everyday individuals, like Joe the Plumber, have started pushing back—hard—even in places like China, not to mention the current escalation of tensions in Europe. He correctly singles out the nation-breaking potential of the demonstrations and upcoming plebiscite in Spain as well as some startling news out of hapless Greece that even the generally well-informed Prudent Man never managed to see in the media:

“I think a lot of people brushed off this week’s [Greek] protests as ‘oh it’s just the Greeks in the streets again.’ This is a mistake. These demonstrations were different and here is why.  From the UK’s Guardian:

“In a departure from other mass protests, members of the police force, army, navy and judicial system joined public and private sector employees on the streets. One police officer, who preferred not to give his name, said the Greek state ’should feel deep shame’ at imposing cuts on the very people whose protection it sought’

“Once the people that are being paid to defend the regime start opposing the regime it is game over.  It appears we are there in Greece.  Full article here.”

After taking a brief and perhaps to optimistic a side-trip back to the Middle East (ignoring the murderous Islamo-thugs currently running Iran), Krieger gets back to the U.S.

“This is the big one of course.  While we have seen outbursts from the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movements ever since the banker coup of 2008, these movements have not been as sustained as demonstrations in other parts of the world.  This is about to change.  I am firmly of the view that the Obama Administration has pulled out every trick in the book in order to get reelected this year [Ya think? –ed.] , and that this strategy will probably succeed [or not. –ed].  What I think the vast majority of people voting for him as well as investors fail to comprehend is that once this guy gets in and doesn’t need to worry about getting reelected he will leave everyone outside of his puppet masters out in the cold.  You think he has been bad for the poor and middle class so far via his inflationary policies?  Well you haven’t seen anything yet.  I believe there is a decent chance he will push “austerity” on the public as soon as he is reelected.  All the suckers that voted for him will be up in arms and the only ones that will be protected, as usual, will be the crony capitalists that own him.  Even if he doesn’t do this, his other option is merely to keep spending and force The Bernank to print more money.  The cost of living will surge and the poor and middle class will get crushed no matter what.  I covered this in my recent piece “2013: When Money Printing Meets Supply Constraints.”  The American Spring will get going in 2013.”

We think Krieger gets it mostly right here, except he’s been reading too many corrupt polls that already award the win to Obama—a dubious conclusion given the persistent oversampling of Democrats in these so-called “objective polls.”

Krieger is particularly perceptive in his Bernanke observations, namely that Obama and the Democrats are essentially forcing the Fed Chief to “print more money” since he’s actually the only adult in the current DC playpen and somebody has to do something while Washington pols collect their fat paychecks which they’ve done nothing to earn.

The writing is on the wall folks. The global economy is headed back down into depths that will prove worse than 2008, and this time no amount of money printing and propaganda will be enough to hold things together. TPTB know this. We need to remember that this isn’t just a battle between the masses within our distinct nations and the 0.01% of oligarchs that have used the past four years to harvest more of our wealth. This is also a battle between humans collectively and themselves. We need to grow up as a species and take charge of our destiny. We need to stop falling for their tricks and fighting their stupid wars while they hide in their castles, parliaments and skyscrapers. The first thing we need to do is say no. No more. It’s time to evolve.”

Again, Krieger is a little left-liberal on the “war” thing, ignoring the fact that some wars are actually just. (Like WW II and the Global War on Terror—at least the part where we tried to clip the Taliban sanctuaries and go after Al Qaeda.) There are other smokescreens besides war, like the Koch Brothers, endlessly trashed by the lefties who never bother to let us know about the kinds of things George Soros funds.

But the bottom line is this: the oligarchs, the politicians they own, and the sycophantic media that promotes the elite narrative for its own self-interest, have beaten down the rest of us while upping their own lifestyles at our expense. They’ve nearly destroyed the systems that have made them “rich beyond avarice” as Star Trek’s Bones once exclaimed in another context. And now, they’re stealing our money to make these systems whole again. Except they’re appropriating that money as well, leaving the general populace with less and less.

It’s actually quite likely we’ll start encountering violence next spring right here in the U.S.A. if something doesn’t change—which it’s not likely to do. Sadly, that violence is even more likely to occur if Romney wins as the left will generate chaos and violence rather than giving the Republicans even an iota of a chance to fix things.

Disclaimer: The author of this column maintains several active trading and investment portfolios and owns residential and investment real estate.

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