Brennan's unconventional oath of office: New trend in the making?

CIA director John Brennan took the oath of office with his hand on a draft of the constitution, which did not include the bill of rights. Photo: AP

WASHINGTON, March 9, 2013 ― Newly confirmed CIA director John Brennan asked to take his oath of office with is hand on the original draft of the US Constitution. President Obama had no problem with the request, despite the fact that the Bill of Rights was not included in the document at that point in history.

Brennan claimed that the intent of the unconventional swearing-in was to “reaffirm his commitment to the rule of law.”

At a time in our history when trust in the government has eroded to outright fear for life and liberty, a time when the safeguards to protect both have declined to vague assertions that “we have no intention,” or that it “would probably not be appropriate” for the government to execute American citizens without charges or trial, the symbolism of Brennan’s swearing in is disturbing.

This administration seems to view the Constitution, and especially the Bill of Rights, as impediments to progress. Progression towards what exactly is a major point of contention, but the steps taken to circumvent the Bill of Rights are indisputable.

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Obama went as far as declaring the United States an official battleground in order to provide a legal loophole enabling the indefinite detention of Americans without charges or trial in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This unprecedented act of betrayal of the American people opened the door for policies such as “stop-and-frisk,” giving authorities the ability to “lawfully” violate the Fourth Amendment’s very clear prohibition against unreasonable searches.

As Obama continues to populate our legal system with complicit judges who will ignore the Bill of Rights in favor of a political agenda, the infringement will only accelerate.

ObamaCare alone violates the Bill of Rights on many levels. Forcing Americans to pay a portion of medical costs for abortions and contraceptives violates their religious freedoms. It establishes a legal basis for state-controlled religion, expressly forbidden by the First Amendment.

The Fourth Amendment is also violated by Obamacare, allowing the government to create a database storing your personal medical history, blood type, and even your DNA. To claim this is not a violation of privacy is ludicrous.

The Fifth Amendment is shredded, allowing the IRS to enforce a $5000 fine if you do not buy state mandated products. You cannot abdicate, you cannot sue, you cannot appeal. This fine also nullifies the Seventh Amendment, which protects a citizens right to a trial by jury.

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One of this administration’s favorite punching bags is the Tenth Amendment, which clearly states that the federal government cannot claim powers not specified in the Constitution. This Amendment has been abused beyond recognition, with legalese being spun around every word, allowing our government every power conceivable, from what size soda you can buy, to whether or not you wake up tomorrow.

Perhaps a more appropriate gesture would have been to swear-in on the Bill of Rights.

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