Ambulance chaser Harry Reid blames sequester for Nevada Marine deaths

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WASHINGTON, March 21, 2013 ― Senate Majority Harry Reid is the latest pander to bemoan the inhumane consequences of the sequester. Senator Reid implied the evil Republicans not only caused uncounted thousands to lose their jobs, but in this case, he insinuated that the deaths of seven US Marines was due to sequester, and therfore lay at their feet as well.

Debbie Lee, spokesperson for the grassroots organization Move America Forward, an organization dedicated to honoring those who serve this country, is not happy with Reid at all. Ms. Lee’s son, Navy SEAL Marc Alan Lee, died fighting for this country in Ramadi Iraq on August 2, 2006.

She had some scathing words for the good senator:

“I’m tired of seeing our troops used as a political football by Harry Reid and others on the left. Attempting to link sequestration to the tragic accident that cost seven Marines their lives is a travesty and senator Reid should be ashamed of himself. Our troops truly hate being exploited and used by politicians to advance their careers, and it’s especially reprehensible in a case such as this, where American troops have lost their lives.”

“Whether you supported the budget cuts or not, everyone recognizes that sequestration had absolutely nothing to do with this accident. It’s blatantly obvious that Reid had no reason to bring up sequestration but to win some political capital with it. As a mother who lost my son in the war in Iraq, my heart goes out to the families of those Marines who lost their lives. As much as my heart breaks for them, I’m even more disgusted by Harry Reid’s insensitive remarks. He should apologize immediately and do something to make it up to the families of those Marines whose lives he cheapened when he turned their deaths into a soapbox from which to proselytize from.”

Marc Alan Lee was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart, Bronze Heart with Valor and the Silver Star. The Silver Star is the third highest military decoration for valor that can be awarded to any person, serving within any capacity within the United States Armed Forces. Marc Alan Lee used his own body as a shield three times to protect those he called brother.

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The all too common occurrence of using Americans as props, dead or alive, to further a political agenda is disgusting.

I can easily imagine a stack of contingency plans, with any number of tragic events paired with existing legislation, ready and waiting for the right tragedy, neatly stacked in a filing cabinet in many Capitol Hill offices.

Senator Diane Feinstein had gun-grabbing legislation prepared for years. The fact that she kept it hidden until 26 people, mostly children, died before trotting it out showed she did not care about preventing a tragedy, only furthering her career with one.

As a combat veteran of the Marine Corps, I am especially saddened that our country has come so low as to have individuals such as these representing us.

Thank you Debbie Lee and Move America Forward for your moving and heartfelt story.

Ms. Lee may be contacted through Danny Gonzalez at (714)926-6189 or e-mail Danny at:

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