President Obama: The leader America deserves

It is said that a democracy gets the government it deserves. This nation of adolescents proves that. Photo: Associated Press

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 22, 2013 — President Obama was reelected after a first term that competes with Jimmy Carter’s for positive impact on America and Americans’ pocketbooks. More than that, it’s been destructive.

We have lost the right to a trial by jury when accused of certain crimes, and in fact the right to a trial at all. Privacy has been abandoned in the name of security. The president has asserted for himself the power to suspend property rights, control food and water resources, and has not been checked by Congress in his power grab.

So much about this president is simply un-American, making it hard to comprehend that he was reelected. While some Democrats are very supportive of Obama, most people feel uneasy about the expansion of his powers to detain citizens, to kill them abroad without trial, and the general expansion of the “imperial presidency.”

There are actually relatively few people who are enthusiastically supportive of Obama. His approval rating fell below 50 percent for the first time in January 2010, down from highs of almost 70 percent, and they’ve remained resolutely below 50 percent for most of the last three years. Even now, with a surge of support, his approval is only 51 percent.

So who supports him besides the mainstream media?

His support comes from what conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh calls the “low information voter.” These are voters who vote when prompted or prodded, don’t understand or care what the issues are, and check the box next to “Democrat” because that is what they always do. Reaching them is impossible because they don’t care what the issues are.

Republicans have been debating how to reach these voters with their message about the consequences of massive government spending and the disaster it will bring when it implodes. They will not ‘wake up’ until it is too late, though they will bear the brunt of the crisis when it comes.

Some voters are highly attuned to specific issues that benefit them. Recipients of food stamps, welfare, medicare and medicaid or other social welfare programs may care about those programs, but they do so with a conflict of interest.

This conflict of interest will ensure in future elections that a very large percentage of the population will vote for effective socialism. And so the man favored by almost every socialist political group on the planet, President Obama, was the victor.

Those who do not pay more in taxes than they receive in government benefits should not have the right to vote. If they have no financial stake in responsible government, why should they have a voice in how other peoples money is spent? It is like letting your 15-year-old have equal control of your home finances. The mortgage will be unpaid in favor of new shoes and an iPhone. That is exactly how this country operates.

There is no pride in being an American anymore, no pride in a job well done and producing the highest quality goods on the planet, the hard work and excellence that made us a great nation. We are a nation with a plurality of voters who are self-absorbed teenagers who look up from their smart-phone long enough to vote for a bigger allowance, while the country goes down the drain.

Mitt Romney was vilified for pointing out that Obama had a 47 percent head-start on the election results, enraging the 47 percent, but since they were already voting for what they assumed would be a bigger paycheck anyhow, it did not effect their vote. Romney was right. Their votes were a lock for Obama from the start. It was simply too big of a head-start for Romney to overcome.

It will be too big of a head-start for any conservative candidate to overcome.

So, as in the prophetic novel Atlas Shrugged, businesses will continue to move overseas, the brightest among us will work abroad and our once great nation will continue its slow death spiral into the USSA. So who is John Galt?

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