Obama's sequester bluff gets called, hilarity ensues

WASHINGTON, February 28, 2013 ― President Obama’s campaign to force House Republicans to cave on even more taxes has failed. As Americans wake up tomorrow morning and notice that their children’s schools aren’t boarded up, the air traffic control towers are not empty and Taliban forces are not marching down main street, they will realize that the fear mongering Obama has been preaching is a lie.

The administration trotted out 57 dire predictions of unavoidable results of a decrease in the growth of federal spending in 2013. One item that did not make the list actually happened, which resulted in the retirement of a Department of Homeland Security bureaucrat.  (Is that a dire result?) We don’t know how he got the dates screwed up, but he was not supposed to release thousands of inmates from prison until Friday, thus proving that sequestration had given the administration no choice but to release thousands of prisoners – some violent criminals, all illegal aliens – back into suburbia USA.

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Where the order originated will be in the same report that tells us why Obama disappeared for the entirety of the Benghazi crisis. But in the words of the “best Secretary of State ever” (yes, Obama actually said that) “What difference now does it make?” Or if you prefer an older version of the sentiment, “quit crying over spilled milk.” Unless it can somehow be blamed on Bush, it’s all good.

Plausible deniability has become the hallmark of Obama’s presidency. Kennedy may have invented it, but Obama has perfected it.

White House spokesman Jay Carney was not so lucky today, as he faced tough questions. When asked about what areas were to be affected with teacher layoffs he told the press to address the question to their local school districts. He could not answer this simple question for an even simpler reason … there aren’t any.

This was in response to the comments that Education Secretary Arne Duncan had made stating that a West Virginia school district was already laying off teachers due to the “deep cuts.”

It was inconvenient for him that representatives from that school district happened to hear his comments about the layoffs, as they knew nothing about them. To be fair, the lie contained a kernel of truth, as all good lies do, in that the school district has drafted a plan to lay off 16 teachers in the event that funding is cut.

Now that we also know that funding is not being cut at all, but merely going up less than expected, the odds are that existing teachers will remain on the payrolls.

The sequester blame-game is still being played, but despite actual video footage of the White House spokesman stating that it originated in the White House, the only real blow to Obama’s relentless campaign to denigrate and destroy the Republican party has been from a very unexpected source: legendary reporter Bob Woodward. If the name sounds familiar, it should, as he is a media icon, half of the duo that broke the Watergate scandal which resulted in President Nixon’s resignation.

Woodward quite clearly stated that not only was the sequester a product of the White House, but that Obama has “moved the goal posts,” reneging on the terms of the very deal he put forth. The Republicans gave in on the January 1 tax hikes, a fact Democrats seem to have forgotten, and additional taxes would not be accompanied by reduced spending growth (only in Washington do they call that “spending cuts”).

The result of such treachery has resulted in threats against Woodward from White House official Gene Sperling, who according to Woodward told him, “you’re going to regret doing this.” In today’s world where all that matters is how a remark was taken, and not how it was meant, this could mean anything from his name being dropped from the White House Christmas card list to a Predator drone strike as far as Woodward is concerned.

Given the “Chicago style” political environment now prevalent in Washington, the odds are good that Sperling’s gentle warning implies the latter. This is while CIA director nominee John Brennan refuses to answer the simple question (which should be a resounding NO) from Senator Rand Paul: “Do you believe that the President has the power to authorize lethal force, such as a drone strike, against a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil, and without a trial?” Even Senator Feinstein asked a similar question (although she might be OK with a “yes” if the target is NRA members).

Since Woodward’s allegations, other journalists have come out with allegations of the Obama Administration threatening them to stop the release of potentially damaging stories. Perhaps they read about the death of journalistic integrity and felt guilty about being the mouthpieces of the Obama regime.

In a week this will all be forgotten when Obama lines up props (formerly known as Americans) behind him and spread further hyperbole about the upcoming debt ceiling and how that crisis really is the end of the world. In his campaign which never ends, (because if it ended, it would require he actually lead) Obama may have cried “wolf” one too many times, as the “repeater media” has been made to look like a fool on this one, they may actually become the “reporter media” on the next.

But I doubt it.

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