Sequestration: The end of the world as we know it

With federal spending only increasing by $15 billion in 2013 if the sequester is not avoided, untold millions may die. Photo: time is running out

WASHINGTON, February 22, 2013 ― In July of 2011, President Obama laid out a plan to force a bipartisan effort to reduce the annual deficit, by taking a “meat cleaver” to the 2013 budget should Congress ignore its responsibility. This automatic, across the board spending “cut” is known as “sequestration.”

In November of 2011, as the presidential campaign was gearing up, Obama promised to veto any effort to delay or avoid the sequester. That promise was kept, until the sequester was actually on our doorstep, at which point he promptly signed a bill “kicking the can” to March 1.

Now that the first of March is rapidly approaching, Obama is campaigning once again, with American props arrayed behind him, denigrating the evil republicans who are moving forward with his evil and draconian plan.!

So now we know that if the sequester is allowed to happen, only $15 billion will be added to the federal budget for 2013.

With only $15 billion more to spend than they had last year, massive negative impacts are expected. How can you possibly expect them to maintain current services with only 1.25 billion additional dollars per month?

The heads of 20 federal agencies had dire predictions should they recieve this additional money.

Fifty seven dire predictions to be exact, including more workplace deaths, 125,000 people being kicked into the streets, Native Americans no longer having access to medical care, more terrorism, and 600,000 women and children forcibly removed from WIC.

You can expect 90 minutes of additional waiting for a flight due to reduced TSA staff, which was that close to catching their first terrorist. The 400 dog teams at $174,000 a year per team were not mentioned (except in a recent study saying that they were too confused by the crowds to reliably detect explosives), so they will probably be unaffected.

Food shortages, pest infestations (a plague of locusts?) and raging, untended wildfires will sweep the nation, 200,000 people receiving help with an addiction will be turned away, and 100,000 children ­‒ yes I said children ‒ will be removed from head start and other child care programs.

Spies will get access to classified information, 24/7 surveillance of you and me, as well as the e-mail reading and wiretapping we have grown so comfortable with will be diminished. They could even have trouble tracking our fingerprints.

One third of our Navy will be scuttled, and those ships that aren’t will not be maintained.

Even our nuclear arsenal will be untended. Al-Queda will apparently be able to walk right up and carry (maybe drag) nuclear-tipped Trident missiles away.

46,000 defense jobs will be lost and the Coast Guard will be reduced by 25 percent, allowing drugs to be freely traded across the border.

Somehow, we will have even less security than we do now at US facilities abroad, setting the stage for a Benghazi on a daily basis.

National parks across this great land will be closed. (Didn’t we already sell the Grand Canyon to China?)

You cannot make this stuff up folks, the list is real. All this tragedy, all this heartbreak and death because the money loving republicans will only let spending increase by a measly fifteen billion dollars.

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