Does voting third party waste your vote

Is voting for a third party candidate wasting your vote?

CINCINNATI, October 27, 2012 – If you venture into the acidic combination of social media and politics, and look the beyond the obviously idiotic postings, to the postings that appear at first glance to have merit, you may be in for a bit of surprise.  I, along with  many other Americans, feel that the two party system is completely corrupt and broken. 

No one, not for one minute, believes that the hundreds of millions of dollars in corporate donations do not come with strings attached.

There maybe a world where handing somebody $20 million dollars and wishing them to have a nice afternoon without expecting something in return is in any way conceivable, but it is not our world. 

As an observer of an argument concerning Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for President I was introduced to the idea of “stealing a vote” from Mitt Romney if I did not vote for him.  The argument was very heated, with many posters berating this individual for voting for Mr. Johnson, stating that he was “stealing” a vote from Mitt Romney. 

This in and of itself strikes a very sour note with me, as I do not feel any candidate owns my vote, and therefore it cannot be stolen to begin with. 

After another five minutes of witnessing this fast paced argument go on, I interjected with the question to the “vote stealer” of “where are you from?”  The response? Oakland, California. 

This conversation was taking place in a state so dark blue it’s almost black. 

About that time I decided to chime in.  “So you guys think Romney has a chance to win California?”  “well … he probably won’t, but you gotta try, this is the most important election in our history!”  

I of course went on to tell him that his was in fact the wasted vote, that unless you lived in a battleground state, voting for a third party had zero impact on the presidential race.  

I explained to them that the best thing they could do was vote for a third party, as Governor Romney had about as much chance of winning California as I do winning the lottery … although I do have a feeling tonight may be my night.  

I hope that at least a couple people had the light bulb come on.  

“This is the only way you are ever going to have a real choice for President, you have to break the two party duopoly.” 


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Mike Shortridge

Mike is a former Marine who served in the Middle East. He is disgusted with both the Republican and Democratic parties, seeing them as two heads of the same beast. He writes from the conservative perspective, with a focus on making complex subjects easy to understand.


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