Gary Johnson: Give peace a chance

Obama and Romney can be believed when they promise that the U.S. will continue to intervene in other countries. Gary Johnson can be believed when he promises that it won't. Photo: Gary Johnson 2012

CINCINATTI, November 4, 2012 — Have you ever see the movie “Red Dawn”? Patrick Swayze leads a rag-tag band of teenagers in fighting back against commie invaders from Cuba and the USSR. I love that movie. It is just so damned patriotic. The day after I watched it for about the hundredth time, I enlisted in the USMC.

I would like to believe that if some foreign nation invaded today, we citizens would have the guts to do the same, to fight back with all we had and send those commies packing. I know I would.

According to President Obama, in that exact same scenario, we would then be terrorists. In my own country, fighting to save my family, I would be labeled an insurgent. Obama would make it his foreign policy that I be hunted down and executed.

President Obama claims that the greatest threat to our national security is terrorists. Terrorists like the ones I just described.

Governor Romney claims the greatest threat is a nuclear Iran, a country that has not been the aggressor in armed conflict since before Abraham Lincoln was born.  

He also made something very clear to the world in the debate on foreign policy: If you want to receive billions of dollars in aid, despite kidnapping and killing American citizens, just build a nuke. It has certainly worked out pretty well for Pakistan.

What country in their right mind is not doing everything they can to build a nuclear weapon? It is obviously the only way to protect your home from the warmongering United States.

“Come to Democracy, or Democracy will come to you.” Could this be the new national slogan, perhaps? I think both Obama and Romney would find it catchy.

Governor Gary Johnson says that the national debt is the greatest threat to our national security. He seems to feel that going bankrupt may someday cause our nation some problems. Absurd.  

Governor Johnson claims that by not invading other nations, and not building bases in what have been their homes since before the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, that we might relieve ourselves of the enmity of a couple hundred million “insurgents.”  

Don’t hold a gun to a man’s head and he might not start hating you. That sounds almost plausible.

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