The liberal media are manipulating black people

Liberals in America continue to keep black America in a big-government mindset that existed in this country decades ago. Photo: The Final Call

WASHINGTON, July 27, 2013 ― Make no mistake: Black people were victimized by slavery and segregation. During those two eras an estimated 10,000 black people were murdered through lynching, hanging, beatings or otherwise.

That’s not to mention the obscenely discriminatory laws that blacks had to survive under Jim Crow legislation.

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But in the past five decades, the United States has moved far beyond that system. Laws that specifically target racial minorities no longer exist, and lynchings are a crime of the distant past. Yet from liberal media coverage of the Trayvon Martin case, it seems as if those days are still alive and well in the United States.

The media response to the case ― and now the verdict ― suggests that white people and the U.S. government are out to put black people back “in chains,” to quote Vice President Biden. How have the liberal media done this? By simply glossing over, and at times completely ignoring the facts of the case.

The key issue that the media have largely disregarded is who initiated physical contact. The incident between Zimmerman and Martin went somewhere along the lines of Zimmerman spotting Martin, Zimmerman then calling the police and being told that he didn’t “need to” follow Martin, and then pursuing Martin anyway.

Yet an important deciding factor for the jury was who initiated the physical confrontation.

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This is because it’s vital to determining whether the defendant can legitimately claim self-defense. Zimmerman may well have stereotyped Martin for being black; Jesse Jackson has admitted doing the same. And it’s been established that it wasn’t necessary for Zimmerman to follow Martin. But while stereotyping is wrong, that doesn’t legally justify initiation of physical confrontation by the person being stereotyped.

The same rule applies to the person being followed. Being physically confronted is grounds for self-defense.

The jury had three possible scenarios to weigh in deciding whether to convict or acquit. The first was that  Zimmerman initiated physical contact with Martin. If the prosecution had been able to prove that is what happened, Zimmerman would’ve gone to prison. You can’t initiate physical contact with someone you don’t know, take a beating, and then cry self-defense after shooting him.

The prosecution couldn’t prove that Zimmerman made first contact.

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The second scenario was that Martin made first physical contact. If the defense had been able to prove this, Zimmerman would have gone free. But the defense couldn’t prove that Martin made first contact, so the jury couldn’t acquit on those grounds.

The third scenario was the one the jury had to accept: Someone initiated physical contact, but there was no way to say who. Innocent until proven guilty meant that Zimmerman rightfully walked out a free man.

The media didn’t care about the legalities of the case. For them it was just a racial narrative, the facts of the case subserviant to the narrative they wished to tell. This approach is symptomatic of the liberal media’s desire to keep black Americans in the mindset of victims ― victims of institutionalized racism.

It’s also symptomatic of the desire of liberal interests to keep black people and the rest of the country in the non-competitive, economically backward, big government era of the 1960’s.

In the wake of the verdict, the media and the American left have joined in a chorus to portray the United States as a country where white people and the U.S. government are free to shoot black people without consequence, as they did under Jim Crow.

This overlooks the fact that lynching is history, and that black-on-black and black-on-white violent crime are far more prevalent that white-on-black violent crime. It’s safer for a black man to walk through a white neighborhood than it is to walk through a black neighborhood, no matter what your race. And that’s why Jesse Jackson says that he breathes a sigh of relief when the footsteps behind him come from white feet, not black.

The hypocrisy of the liberal media’s narrative is that the problems in black America aren’t rooted in slavery and segregation, but in the big government welfare policies liberals themselves enacted. Things have gotten worse for black America as Jim Crow has receded, not better.

Jim Crow and racial hatred haven’t made Jesse Jackson afraid of black footsteps in the night. That’s the result of the “enlightened” programs of the 60s and beyond that have given us higher crime rates, higher drug abuse rates, and soaring rates of out-of-wedlock birth among black people.

Liberals have controlled for decades a public education system that has taken the children of people who, in the Jim Crow era, prized literacy and education as a way to escape oppression, and left them functionally illiterate. 

The result is a child-through-adulthood process where black children are indoctrinated in liberal ideology, practically from the day they walk through the front door. When they graduate, they have no critical thinking skills and become willing vessels of liberal propaganda and nonsense.

This isn’t just happening in predominantly black schools; critical thinking has almost vanished from American education, and the performance of white students has steadily declined over the last 50 years. Black students are just ahead of the curve on this one, just as black Americans are ahead of the curve in family decline and illegitimacy rates. Where they are going, the rest of us are following.

Life is becoming worse for black Americans. Liberals have a vested political interest in expanding government, and that expanded government demands that blacks remain a dependent class. There’s no better way to make people dependent than by telling them that they’re victims.

As Latin America and Asia become wealthier ― a direct result of policies in which government has handed increasing power over to the private sector ― they are preparing to leave North America and Europe behind. They will dominate the global economy, while the European and U.S. devotion to big government and the politics of dependency leave us simply managing our own decline. 

Here in the United States, white people continue to generate greater wealth than blacks, even in our decline. The resources to support dependent classes have to come from somewhere. But at some point America will cease to be a nation with dependent and productive classes, becoming instead a dependent nation. 

Until then, liberals will continue to teach black Americans that they are victims. That is the only way they will stay in power. The rest of the world will leave black Americans, and ultimately America, behind.

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