A political fairy tale: Will American-Capitalism triumph Stalin-Communism?

Darkness fell across the land. Capitalism and free markets were in a momentous battle with the villainous Stalin-Communism. Photo: Knight and Dragon Wallpaper by Ingless (free to use) / shoutout.com

WASHINGTON, December 22, 2013 — Once upon a time there was a House of Representatives and a Senate. The two bodies of representatives championed the rights of each United State in America. Left, right, Democrat or Republican, elected to be the big bad wolf against the federal government, put into place with trust, honor and dignity, they were friends of the governed citizens.

Then one day, it happened: flash … bang … pow …

The slime from the pork of empty promises oozed out into the once amicable Houses of Congress, corrupting the minds of all who had been in power and control too long. Their terms grew longer and many aged like Methuselah, but alas, the blindness of the governed citizens were no match for the evil dastardly conglomerate of wickedness.

Darkness fell across the land. Capitalism and free market were in a nefarious battle with the villainous Stalin-Communism. The struggle to dominate the governed was not an easy battle but nonetheless, it raged on. Vicious and inhumane, spawning class warfare, race baiting and the once shining beacon of freedom was now just dimly lit.

Meanwhile, in the halls of “justice” the appointed puppets of dictatorship handed down edicts to the subjects, forcibly mandating that which was unconscionable. The Trojan Horse of entitlement mounted up to command them to accept the law of the land or be punished.

The subjects scrambled to find shelter from the looming decree but to no avail. There was nowhere to seek safety. As much as they screamed and stomped their feet, they were no match for the wickedness of corruption.

The abolition of properties had begun. Hardships unfathomable were raining down upon the subjects and the country was in dire peril. Once beautiful and flourishing cities were now tangled masses of debris and wreckage as the stampede of mounted entitlements reach was now nationwide.

Then without warning, the PC regime had begun a sneak attack at the rear bow. The tolerance meter was full tilt and unbeknownst to the subjects it crept up and pounced, ravaging everything in its path. The lord of tolerance extracted heinous punishment to all those who had shown differences and conflict to that of the regime. He took no prisoners.

Lady Liberty now on life support while the subjects tried diligently to revive her. Her heartbeat was faint, and her shining torch was merely a matchstick of its former boldness. She had been badly wounded, fighting from sea to shining sea. Those who fought along side her were now forgotten. The scars and wounds were in the distance as the generations to come after had been brainwashed by the sinister King and his minions.

How will this end? Will the King reign supreme? Will the subjects survive?

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