America goes slouching to Gomorrah

What culture war? It's no war if only one side fights. Photo: Neville Chamberlain declares "peace in our time" after his meeting with the peaceable Mr. Hitler in Munich.

JACKSBORO, Tx., May 9, 2012 — There is a battle being waged worldwide, a battle for the survival of humanity and all the good works that God has put in our hands. But even from the beginning of time, we and everything good have faced strong opposition by forces that would bring man back to the dark ages before the light of Christ entered the world.

In the world there is light and dark, right and wrong, and in between is appeasement. If we choose that, we live not committing ourselves anything, but hoping only to not be disliked. In this there is no victory, only defeat.

Appeasers dominate the halls of power. They insist that the only way to peace is surrender. Give the enemy a place at the table, let them express their grievances, see things their way and yield, always ceding ground and never gaining an inch.  

How can right appease wrong? They are opposites with nothing is common, and so it is with the powers of oppression against the powers of freedom. There is no common ground for appeasement.

So it is on the world stage, and so it is in America. 

There is a movement in America to let same-sex couples be accepted as married couples, and the spirit of appeasement is what fuels it. It was thwarted in North Carolina yesterday, but not with the help of national leaders who sat on the fence, wanting only to appease and to not be hurt. They test the polls and the political winds, bending to expedience rather than standing for the principles that made this nation great. They don’t care about right or wrong or marriage, but only about figuring out where the people are going so they can rush to lead them there.

The racial divide in America looms like a chasm, thanks to the appeasement of the media when it comes to reporting violence in the streets of America. When a George Zimmerman kills a black youth, the media are on the story like ants, but let a mob of blacks assault two reporters, and never a word is said. Appeasement? It avoids trouble, the principle goal of appeasement.

The very fabric of America in under attack. All our good works and centuries of moral teaching are also under attack, America’s light portrayed as darkness, her leaders unwilling to take a stand for what they know is right.

Appeasement is weakness, and those that wish us harm will use it to their advantage.  

The age old ideas of work and providing for one’s self and one’s family are under attack at home, America’s history of generosity and dedication to freedom discounted abroad. We try to appease or ignore our critics, hoping they will just go away, but neither domestic enemies nor the radical Muslims of the world will just go away.

We’ve compromised principles and spent billions to turn enemies into friends. It’s time to remember that friendship and respect can never be bought. We’ll earn them only if we stand up for what’s right.


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