Obama has never built a business; he deserves no credit for yours

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JACKSBORO, Texas, 17 July, 2012 — A disturbing thought occurred to me this morning. “George, isn’t it about time you stopped writing, got out and found a good job and started making something of yourself? Start a business, make a million or two. Work hard day and night, sacrifice your health and family, take on a huge financial risk, mortgage your house, watch the business grow.

“Then get down on your knees to tell President Obama, ‘thank you.’”

According to Obama, even if I sacrifice my health and my family, even if I work hard day and night, risk everything and made a huge success of my business, I get no credit. My success wouldn’t be due to my effort and hard work, the credit would belong to someone else. 

According to Obama, most of the credit would go to the government.

When I first read Obama’s comments to a group of people at one of his fundraisers, I thought to my self, “he’s pulling a Joe Biden. He was temporarily addled. He put his foot in his mouth.” But if you look at his ideology and policies to date you realize, he said exactly what he believes. This wasn’t a Joe Biden moment, it was a moment of brutal frankness and clarity: If you built a business, you didn’t really build the business. It’s not really yours. So let the government spread the wealth around, shut up, and be happy that you get to keep any for yourself. It’s not because you deserve it.

It’s time for a story: Once upon a time there was a young boy who mowed yards. He worked hard and long hours with a push mower, and tried real hard to save enough money to buy a power mower.

At the end of the first season he had saved enough money to buy a brand-new, brightly colored, powered lawn mower. This enterprising young boy was on his way.

The next season the young boy worked very hard, put in long hours, and again saved his money. At the end of the season he had enough money for another new mower.  Now the young boy had a two-mower company.

This went on for several years, the boy’s hard work, sacrifice, and careful saving helping him build a successful business, with lawn mowers out about town by the dozens, “A Real Success Story.”

But after all this success and hard work, something happened. The boy, now a young man, was bombarded with regulations from the government daily. He was told he’d built his business on the backs of the people he hired to help him mow grass, that he’d used infrastructure built by the federal government, that he’d imposed noise and engine exhaust on a suffering community, and that he had no right to claim that his success was his. He didn’t build his business. Obama did. The young man was scarcely entitled to any say in how to run Obama’s successful lawn-mowing business. He should just be glad Obama let him work there.

This is America, a place where anyone with a good idea and the will to work hard could always dream of building a business and could call the shots according to the way he or she felt it should be run. But now there is a catch; the government has become so intrusive into the management of business, and the regulations have become so heavy, that the government now believes they built the business, and it is theirs to do with as they please.

I have worked most of my adult life for other men and women. My checks came from people who worked hard, built their businesses, and found it worthwhile to hire people like me who earned smaller rewards, but who in return assumed fewer risks and enjoyed lives with our families and friends rather than devoting our lives to building a business.

This is free enterprise, not government enterprise. And it works!


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