Is there still hope for America? Our Nation needs repair

Yes, there is! But only if we learn to be a moral, self-controlled people. Photo: Associated Press

JACKSBORO, Tx., April 12, 2012 — Have you ever noticed how quickly a neglected house can run down? How soon a car left by the side of the road turns into a wreck? Whether it is a car, a house, or a nation, important things take constant care to maintain. 

Sometimes all I need to do when I get worried about the state of our nation is to look out my back window. My back yard is a mess, but all it needs is cleaning up, just a little here and a little there, probably some back breaking work, then it will be ready for a back yard party.

My back yard can wait, and my house is still doing fairly well for its years, but our Nation can’t wait until a better day. Repairs need to be done now.

What does this Nation need to bring her back to her former glory? There are probably as many answers to that question as there are Americans. Some will answer, “we need more good paying jobs.” Others will say, “health care and insurance reform,” while others might respond, “we need to bring our sons and daughters home from war.”

Or you might hear, “Our nation needs to convert back to a more moral society,” and “our elected officials need to develop a greater love for this great nation, base their decisions on the nation’s welfare, and not their own re-election.” 

Not everyone would answer with that sort of idealism. Some people are just happy as long as they are getting  assistance from the government, and when you ask them what they think about the up-coming election, they ask, “what election?”

We all have our own problems and concerns. I’m sure that if we polled America, we would get good suggestions from many Americans, and I believe we would come away realizing that the American people are more aware of our nation’s problems than many of us think, but I believe that we would also come away feeling that the American people feel powerless to make a difference. 

That is discouraging. It’s like looking at the back yard in a mess, and thinking nothing can ever be done, and so the back yard just keeps getting worse. 

So, you ask, do I have any ideas of my own? Yes, but no silver bullet. nothing is easy, and everything takes effort. But the basic ideas are simple.

We need to start at home; bring the family together. 

Second, support all the causes that bring in a good report, and that will bring our communities closer together.

The third is probably the toughest: Be a good example of moral living.

Our Federal Government needs to turn from socialist ideas to let Americans take control of their own lives. Only if we’re a moral people who understand the Constitution can our government of the people and by the people be honest and govern by constitutional principles.

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