Gingrich leads republicans to slaughter while Cain stands idle

Today we are being suckered into thinking that Gingrich could hold his own in the general election process against Obama. Photo: Associated Press

WASHINGTON, November 26, 2011—The republican primary is being distorted by the weekly debates as we look at one, then the other, candidate.

Newt Gingrich is brilliant, and he absolutely shines in the debate process. He teased the public with the enticing vision of seeing Obama go down in flames during one of his 3- hour Lincoln- Douglas style debates.

The only problem is that Obama will never agree to debate Newt or anyone else. If he did, we’d be lucky if that meant two 45-minute debates six months apart. Debates where Gingrich, or any other candidate, would be peppered with questions on their personal life, political shortcomings and multitude of positions on a multitude of issues.

While Obama would likely be asked to recount the details of Osama Bin Laden’s death from 14 different perspectives.

Today we are being suckered into thinking that Gingrich could hold his own in the general election process against Obama. This is a fool’s bet. If Gingrich is nominated, the narrative will immediately shift back to the politics of personal destruction and never look back, quickly looking past his platform to his personal life.

And there is a lot to talk about when it comes to Gingrich’s personal and political baggage! The 2012 media narrative will unload every bit piece-by-piece starting with, at the age of eighteen; Newt was dating his high school geometry teacher, Jackie Battley.

He married her a year later; they had two children and divorced in 1980. Newt asked for a divorce from Jackie one day after she had surgery for ovarian cancer.

After divorcing her Newt went on to say.” She isn’t young enough or pretty enough to be the President’s wife.” Six months after his divorce he married, Marianne Ginther. In 1980 they divorced as he had become involved in an adulterous affair with his a much younger staffer and current wife, Callista Bisek.

In an esquire interview, Marianne claims to have confronted Newt about his cheating after he had returned from a speech where he spoke of the importance of family values.

In his political life Gingrich faced 84 ethics violations as charged by Democrats on January 21, 1997. He was accused of using tax-deductible charitable donations to fund a non-charitable college course that he taught, and of giving false information about this to the House Ethics Committee. The House of Representatives voted to discipline him for ethical wrongdoing in a 395-28 vote.

Gingrich had to pay an unprecedented $300,000 penalty as part of a settlement to avoid a full hearing. It won’t matter that 83 of the 84 charges were dropped; the press will likely deem it necessary to retry each charge in the court of public opinion during the coming general election.

We’ll be reminded that under these ethical and financial pressures his temperament became very unstable. By the summer of 1997 his wife Marianne, in a n Esquire interview, offered “Gingrich’s volcanic temper - when Gingrich arrived a the meeting, they told him that his anger was dysfunctional, and the dysfunction was causing the American people to turn against Congress and the Republicans. “

His ex-wife went on to give more details of his behavior saying, “He would make the same mistake over and over again. No matter how hard he tried to be the cool, analytical leader, no matter how harsh his assaults on others; Gingrich couldn’t help taking the retaliation personally. “

There were times, Marianne continued, when he wasn’t functioning. He started yelling at people, which he’d never done before, and he’d get weirdly “over focused” on getting things done - manic, as if he were running out of time. He began taking meetings while eating, slurping his food, as if he weren’t aware of didn’t care how it appeared.

The staff responded with gallows humor: “He’s a sociopath, but he’s our sociopath.”

I haven’t begun to talk about his various votes and positions that conservatives would find concerning. During this campaign season the liberal press have become masters of distortion and propaganda.

The Cain harassment scandal came down to one verifiable claim of harassment that was settled with an enhanced severance package by the NRA’s human resource department. From that the media was able to create weeks of scandal-laden stories and thousands of incendiary headlines.

By the end, the electorate will be so sick of the destructive narrative that they ether won’t show up at the polls or will beg to have the election date moved up three months just to make it end. We may see Obama so far ahead in the polls there will be no reason for him to show up at the debate.

In the era of advocacy journalism where the media intentionally and transparently adopts a non-objective viewpoint for their social or political purpose, any candidate needs to learn to use the media and not to allow them to be used by the media. Ignore their questions and remember behind every question is a reporter with a liberal agenda.

Keep the spotlight on Obama’s failed policies. Get the message out, but keep it simple. The mainstream media tends to get things confused.

Candidates must be chosen with objective consideration of their weaknesses.

With the republican and independents desperately wanting to rein in run-away government corruption, over-reach and spending, I firmly believe that a Washington outsider would be the best candidate.

I believe The Cain Train will stop at the water’s edge, able carry voters back to the heartland. At least those who choose not to board Obama’s Titanic to Europe.

Cain’s few areas of weakness can be overcome and inexperience in the ways of Washington may not be a bad thing.

The public has had it with these self- serving politicians who come into office to line their pockets, ignoring the constitution, contributing to, not eliminating, the bureaucratic mess.

Cain, ingrained with a business background, may actually revert to his roots of shareholder, soon to be taxpayer, accountability. The right elites who consider this flaw insurmountable should not overlook a motivated base proven important in 2008. Obama’s inexperience was overcome because the country was suffering from the big government philosophy.

The liberal media, as expected, has tried to portray Mr. Cain as not being up to the task of the President, a claim from the media playbook in use since Reagan. For the media, “dumb” starts with republican. They like to exaggerate or reinterpret misstatements to make their point. Have they forgotten we live in the information age in which every fact is a nanosecond away from our fingertips? Foreign policy, unless one goes into office with a crystal ball, will ultimately come down to the people giving the president classified information and advice, decisions will come from a personal philosophy and problem solving ability.

In the end, Cain is the only candidate that we now have that could seriously challenge Obama’s 95% lock on the black vote. He has charisma and leadership qualities that became evident when he was able to bypass the media filter in the Florida caucus.

Most importantly, he has driven the debate with solutions not just rhetoric. With 999 he became the first to propose a simpler, broader, and fairer tax solution. Gingrich embraced his Chilean model for Social Security in the last debate. He wants all government agencies except Defense to start with a 10% across the board cut and then drill down from there.

His philosophy of simplicity, is the father of transparency, and will be the deathblow to the bureaucratic curtain that corrupt politicians hide behind. We need to fix the problems in Washington not just hand them down to our children.

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