Paul Ryan: Easy target for Democrats and media?

Obama and Company will now double-down for a full barrage.

MILLINOCKET, Maine, August 13, 2012 - Disclaimer for Lefty-Liberals: Any reference to gun-play here-in is pure analogy, merely figures of speech. In no way am I suggesting a shoot out between the candidates. 

Barack Obama has been plinking away at Mitt Romney for a while, but now he has a new target, Paul Ryan. Having already taken a few pot shots at Ryan’s budget plan, Obama and Company will now double-down for a full barrage. 

Eric Golub suggests some scenarios for  the attacks on Paul Ryan. See his column, “Democratic response to Paul Ryan: He isn’t stupid so he must be evil.” 

While Romney most often deflects attacks, Ryan does not mind using all the ammo in his arsenal to return fire.

I really wish there could be a debate between Ryan and Obama. I have a feeling that Obama might come away from the showdown with a lot of holes in his ego.


Is it just me or do Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Chelsea Clinton look like sisters?

Chelsea Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Chelsea Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz



Now it’s time to get serious. Let’s quickly review a half-dozen items that cropped up in the news this summer…things that should scare you and infuriate you. If you are not bothered by these stories, then turn over and go back to sleep. 

1 - We start with Afghanistan:

Recently we heard that peaceful Afghans are concerned for their own safety and security, after the US leaves. This will most likely allow the Taliban to return to full power and influence there. Thousands of Afghans are now seeking asylum in other counties and scores of business owners are already planning to move their businesses and themselves out of Afghanistan.

2 - For those who have no problem with Sharia law:

Taliban executing woman

Taliban executing woman

Here is a lovely family photo, apparently taken at the instant the trigger was pulled.

I don’t know who took the picture or the context of the situation, but I’m pretty sure this depicts Sharia law in action.

3 - Killing national pride:

In June we learned that the World Trade Organization wants to eliminate country-of-origin labels and replace them with “Made in the World” labels.

They cite the need to “reduce public opposition to free trade” and “re-engineer global governance.”

4 - Blurring the lines:

YouTube has announced its “face-blurring” feature for those who upload videos. Does  anybody see the downside to this idea? YouTube has effectively handed anonymity to thugs and gangs for whom it’s great fun to record their misdeeds and display them online. Incredible. 

5 - As free as the rain? Not so much:

Gary Harrington was found guilty of breaking a 1925 law.  Oregon state water managers claimed he has illegal reservoirs on his property. He was convicted of nine misdemeanors, given 30 days in jail and will be fined over $1500 for collecting rainwater and snow runoff on his own property.

6 - Keep your mouth shut:

Savannah Dietrich, 17, was sexually assaulted at a party. She may now be sent to jail for tweeting the names of her attackers after they were given a “slap on the wrist” deal.The judge further protected the perps by issuing a gag order that barred Dietrich from talking about what happened to her.

The world is a scary place, made scarier by people and organizations with little or no accountability. If there is a Judgment Day, I hope the good folks get to be in the express lane, because the other line may be a long one.

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