Pithanthropy – The Human Conditioner Archive: January 2012

  • Mitt vs. Newt: Debate or comedy tag team?

    Up next, Mitt and Newt pull out their best political “yo mama...” routines - "yo momma is so liberal she made you give your allowance to the schoolyard bullies." Published January 30 2012

  • EPA regulation equals extortion and vandalism

    "When we put in place new common-sense rules to reduce air pollution, we create new jobs building and installing all sorts of pollution-control technology." Barack Obama Published January 18 2012

  • Newt on the ropes but still punching

    As soon as he can untangle himself from the ropes, Newt will come out swinging Published January 8 2012

Jim Bozeman

Jim Bozeman

Jim Bozeman spent most of his working years in the printing business. Much of his work involved copy writing and proof reading. Born and raised in the Deep South, Jim is now retired and living in central Maine. 



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