On Memorial Day, remember Benghazi

Do not let the latest scandals distract us from the tragedy in Benghazi. Photo: AP

WASHINGTON, May 25, 2013 ― While the latest IRS and AP scandals have attracted public attention, Benghazi remains unresolved. These new scandals must not be allowed to distract from the scandal surrounding the undeniably preventable and disgraceful events in Benghazi.

Nine months have now passed since militant Islamists attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya and murdered the U.S. ambassador, another diplomat, and two Navy Seals. The Obama Administration has yet to tell the truth to the families of the four murdered Americans. The Administration continues to lie about the facts of the terrorist attack. The families of these slain Americans and the rest of the country need to hear the truth, and the Obama Administration must be held accountable.

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Do you remember that horrific picture of Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi being dragged through the Benghazi streets?

Our government saw all of this unfolding in real-time. According to multiple testimony, teams were prepared to assist, but an as yet unidentified official told them to “stand down.” Inaction let this despicable act of terror continue.

Seven hours after the initial murders, the siege on the consulate and CIA annex continued. Two CIA contractors, former SEALs, fended off the attack as they called for help.

What did President Obama do? He went to bed. He rested up to prepare for a campaign dinner in Las Vegas.

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Immediately after the attack, the Administration insisted the tragedy was sparked by a video, clinging to that story until forced to drop it. It was not, they suggested, an act of terror. It could not possibly have been committed by a terrorist organization that they claimed to have nearly defeated.

Although this attack took place in Libya, it happened on American soil. Our embassies and consulates are U.S. soil, and the attack in Libya violated U.S. territory. These terrorist attacks are as heinous as if they happened in Boston or New York or Little Rock.

On Memorial Day, remember the men and women who have died in the service of their country, often heroically, men and women who would have said they were just doing their duty. Remember Benghazi. Remember the men who died there in the line of duty, men who were doing their jobs representing America and protecting fellow Americans. They died representing a president who was less honorable than they, who took his duty to them much less seriously than they took their duty to him and their country. They died serving policies that were made with indifference to their lives and their service.

The IRS and AP scandals reflect and administration that cares more about expediency and power than duty. They reflect indifference to the high responsibilities of public service, so reflect the same failure of character that gave us Benghazi. But do not let them distract from the horrifying images of Benghazi. Let’s work together to hold the Obama Administration accountable for the murders of American citizens.

The families of those left to die deserve to know the truth. So do we all.

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