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SILVER SPRING, Md, May 4, 2013 – Moms mean the world to us, and we can never say thank you enough for all they do, but one day a year is set aside on the calendar as a reminder that we should try. Here are some gift ideas that nourish Mom’s mind, body, and soul, as well add a little smile to her face.

LUSH Happiness Gift

LUSH cosmetics are a sure-fire way to please the scent-loving beauty queen. Made from ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, honey and essential oils, LUSH products nourish the skin and leave behind pleasant fragrances. As a gift for a mom who loves fragrance and indulgent skin products, why not try LUSH’s Happiness Gift.

Packaged in a bright blue box with a paper pinwheel on top, the products in this gift set feature citrusy scents and offer a range of products. Mom will love the Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter made with olive oil to keep those nails looking shiny and to help avoid painful cracks in the cuticle.  

Tossed in the refrigerator, the Whoosh shower jelly is a soap perfect for cooling skin and refreshing the mind during the forthcoming hot summer days. The grapefruit shower gel and lemon soap have bright, uplifting  fragrances that just smell like sunshine, and the Peach Message Bar is perfect for moisturizing skin while working out the kinks.

Finally, the patchouli scented Karma Kream body lotion uses sweet almond oil and cocoa seed butter to make sure skin is soft.

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LUSH’s products are also good for the soul. LUSH does not use any ingredients tested on animals and do not test their products on animals themselves. All cosmetics are made with fresh, not synthetic ingredients, and come with a “made on” date and a “use by” date to ensure you are getting only the freshest products possible. Also, all their containers are made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials, and all packaging materials are recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable.

Patrón XO Cafe Dark Cocoa

What better way to feed the spirit than with chocolate? But why not put a twist on the traditional gift this year? Patrón has combined Criollo chocolate with a light touch of coffee and mixed that with Patrón Silver. The result is a sweet, velvety liqueur that is smooth and a pleasure to drink. Despite being a coffee liqueur, Patrón XO Cafe Dark Cocoa features the other flavors ahead of the coffee, so even those who are not a fan of coffee flavored beverages will find enjoyment here.  Available in three sizes, 50ml, 375ml, and 750ml, Patrón XO Cafe Dark Cocoa comes beautifully packaged in a bright red box making it gift ready.

Not sure how to best enjoy this liqueur? Aside from it being lovely on the rocks as a stand-alone treat, Patron has concocted about 30 different beverages that nicely feature the sweet and velvety richness of their XO Cafe Dark Cocoa. Simply visit their website for the recipes to whip up a cocktail for Mom to enjoy.

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FT4 Heart Rate Monitor by Polar

This is a great gift for the health conscious mom or the mom who is trying to get back in shape. Heart rate monitors allow you to monitor your heart rate during workouts so you can optimize how many calories are being burned. The FT4 Heart Rate Monitor by Polar is a good basic heart rate monitor for those just getting started and for those who want a little extra boost to their workout results.  The FT4 allows the user to input their personal data (age, weight, height, and sex) to allow for the most accurate feedback. Once a training session is started on the monitor, the wrist display shows the actual heart rate, the “zone” heart rate for optimal training, time elapsed and calories burned. 

The heart rate monitor is three parts, the chest band with heart rate sensors, the FT4 training computer that snaps onto the chest band, and the wrist display. This training computer is coded to the wrist display so they can talk to each other wirelessly without any interference from other wireless devices.  The monitor will store the data from the last 10 workouts so you can easily reference prior activity.

A heart rate monitor takes the mystery out of how effective your workout is. It tells you if you are working hard enough and there is no guessing game with how many calories you burn because the FT4 calculates that based on your performance and personal data. And if you have trouble figuring any of this out, there are online videos to walk you through how to use your FT4.

The FT4 is available in several colors, but the new colors of pink and blue are here just in time for Mom. Good for workouts of all kinds, the FT4 is suitable whether Mom is running, doing Zumba, or biking. Plus, the FT4 is water resistant to 30m, so it can be used in the pool too.

Sun Hat

Fashion is a very important part of many women’s lives, but sometimes health can fall behind fashion. Just think about all the times when Mom has pried off the high heels and uttered the familiar refrain, “My feet are killing me.” However, sometimes health can require its own fashion accessories. Skin health is more important than even.

UV rays damage the skin and can cause premature aging, sun-spots, and in some cases, skin cancer. But it can be hard resisting lounging poolside with a drink in one hand and a book in the other, or digging our toes into the sand on beach as we enjoy a warm summer breeze on our face.

So why not help Mom protect her skin and look great at the same time. Sunhats come in a variety of styles , and while you can find a smattering of hats of varying quality in most discount chains and department stores, Sun Protection Hats has dozens of styles ranging in price, all designed to protect her from the sun while making her look great.

All of their hats block up to 98% of UVA/UVB rays and are UPF rated 50. They are also all crushable, so they can easily be packed in a suitcase or beach tote without worrying about damage. Whether it is a wide-brimmed beach hat or a tennis visor you’ll find a style that fits your mom.

Spa Week Gift Card

Ask most moms what they want to relax, and chances are you will hear things like massage, mani-pedi, and facial.  Whatever your mom’s spa pleasure is, you can give it to her without knowing her favorite spa or treatment. Spa Week offers Spa & Wellness Gift Cards that are redeemable at over 7500 independent facilities across the country.  Spa Week has an online directory where mom can search for spa and wellsness deals, as well as spa and wellness facilities near her.

Starting at $25 and available in $25 increments to $500, the Spa & Wellness Gift Cards are available in a physical card mailed to you, or an e-gift Card delivered to your inbox. So give mom a completely customizable gift that she is sure to like.

Concert Tickets

Music is both good for the mind and the soul.  So, rather than getting Mom an itunes gift card or a CD, show her how much she means to you by getting her tickets to see a show. Tickets are a great gift, because they are two gifts in one: music, plus a night out without the kids. It does not have to be a stadium concert either. Small venues can offer a better experience. Mom not a rocker? Try symphony tickets, tickets to a jazz festival, or maybe theater tickets.

If mom is a Broadway  aficionado, and you have a larger gift budget, check with your town’s theater and see what season ticket options are available. You can frequently get packages that include all or part of the season.

Gift Basket from Dean & Luca

Feed the soul with gourmet goodies. Unlike many of the other companies you can order gourmet gift baskets from, Dean & Luca are not going to repackage the same boutique candy you can find on shelves at the store around the corner.

The Over-the –Top Gourmet Tote Gift for Mom is an overstuffed red totebag that has some delectable treats: DEAN & DELUCA Lavender French Honey from Dijon; a bottle of Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil; barrel-aged AnforinaGiusti balsamic  vinegar; a box of Pink Champagne Biscuits from the oldest cookie producer in France; DEAN & DELUCA Tropical Fruit Mix, Hickory Smoked Almonds, and Chocolate Squares; and a latte mug to enjoy the spicy green tea while eating the four heat-shaped cookies.

If the idea of a gift that includes balsamic vinegar and olive oil is not quite what you are looking for, you can try the smaller, Mother’s Day Mini-Canvas Tote Bag Gift. It is packed with gourmet sugary sweets like Pomegranate & Nectarine Organic Hard Candy , a bouquet of three Marshmallow Lollipops (Mango, Raspberry, and Vanilla), and DEAN & DELUCA Milk & Dark Chocolate Pretzel Bites, Cheesecake Caramels, and Natural Cheery Cherries. Either way you go, you are sure to please the foodie in mom.

Stollometer Wireless Stroller Speedometer/Odometer

Not all moms push around a stroller, but for those who do, especially those trying to get back to pre-baby shape, the Stollometer Wireless Stroller Speedometer/Odometer is a great gift. Whether mom has ever wondered aloud how many miles she walks in a day pushing the stroller, or mom takes baby for a jog every morning, the Strollometer can be used.

Designed for use with any stroller, the Strollometer is a wireless device that attaches to the stroller’s wheel to detect how far and fast you are going. The display attaches to the stroller handle and swings out for easy viewing. The Stollometer helps mom with her exercise goals by displaying current speed, average and maximum speeds, trip distance and time, and total daily mileage. It also has a time and temperature displays. 

The display, while attached to the handle, is wisely designed to clip below the part used by your hand, and because there is no wire running from the wheel to the display, you do not have to worry about it getting caught in shopping bags hanging from the handle or when folding the stroller and stowing it in your trunk. 

A hammock chair

At some point most moms have had a fantasy of lying in a hammock on some tropical beach. So, if you cannot bring the tropics to her back yard, you can bring the hammock. The problem with hammocks is they can be hard to get in and out of. They also take up a lot of room, which can be a problem in a small yard.

The solution is a compromise, the hammock chair or swing. These wonderful contraptions give you all the sensation of lounging in a hammock but without the problems. While you probably have an idea of where to buy a hammock, where do you get a hammock chair? has a wide selection of everything hammock related, you can even get the traditional hammock if you like. They also offer stands for the hammock chairs and swings so they can be placed poolside or in a favorite patch of garden without having to worry about having overhead beams to hang them from.

Aside from being easier to get in and out of, you can also get ones that come with cushions, ones made of solid cloth, or the traditional rope of a hammock. Why not surprise mom by having her new hammock chair set up in her favorite spot with a book waiting for her?

Nap Massaging Bed Rest

Women read more books than men. And one of the most common places for mom to read is in bed. So why not help indulge the book lover by getting her the ultimate reading accessory? The Nap Massaging Bed Rest has everything mom needs to unwind before bed.

It has a reading light that swivels out on a long arm that can be positioned to get light where you need it without clipping something onto your book or ereader. It has a cup holder perfect for holding a mug of chamomile tea, and arm rests that has a pocket in the side to hold her reading material.  It is upright, so it forms a more chair-like experience than a wedge pillow does. But the thing that really tops this off is that it has built in back massagers that can help relax tired muscles all while putting her feet up and reading in bed.

The designers of the Nap Massaging Bed Rest also thought about ease of storage. It folds flat and can be slid directly under the bed for easy access. And to make sure her book light does not go out when she is reaching the best part of the story, or in the middle of a back massage, it comes with an AC adapter.

However you decide to acknowledge your mom this year on Mother’s day, it is the thought that counts, but you get extra points for doing something different.

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