Parenting The First Time Through Archive: November 2011

  • Baby toy guide: Buying for baby, birth to 1 year

    As a parent, one thing you expect will be a part of your life for the next decade or two, are toys, lots and lots of toys. But what isn’t always as apparent is what toys to buy for your child. Which ones are just all hype, and which ones are crucial to aid in development? Published November 23 2011

  • Co-sleeping and bed-sharing: Dangerous or nurturing?

    Milwaukee's anti-bed-sharing posters are just as controversial as bed-sharing itself. The American Academy of Pediatrics says it's dangerous. Proponents say bed-sharing reduces SIDS. What's the truth? Published November 17 2011

  • Holiday traditions: Creating memories for your family

    The first holiday season with a new baby is a good time to establish what traditions you are going to pass on or leave behind. Published November 10 2011

  • Baby laundry: Tips for cleaning those mountains of clothes

    Now that your little one is here, you may feel like your life has become full of three things, feedings, dirty diaper, and laundry. Babies create a lot of laundry. Published November 3 2011

Brighid Moret

Brighid Moret

Brighid is a freelance writer and first time mother.  She holds an MA in Writing from Johns Hopkins University.  Find her on Facebook @Brighid Moret


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