Deepak Chopra enters the world of gaming with Leela

Chopra creates video game to help people explore our natural rhythms and cultivate harmony through the medium of play.

WASHINGTON, February 20, 2012- Deepak Chopra, MD, world renowned expert on mind-body healing and bestselling author has expanded into the world of console gaming!

Collaborating with THQ games and using the movement technologies of the Wii and Xbox and Xbox Kinect gaming systems, Deepak Chopra created ‘Leela’ as a part-game part-meditative experience to help people explore our natural rhythms and to cultivate a more harmonious and balanced life through the medium of play.

Meditative and Mesmerizing

Leela (Sanskrit for ‘pastime’ or ‘play’) combines movement with meditation and infuses enthralling graphics and captivating musical soundscapes to create a new realm of gaming that could possibly entice some individuals to come around to step (well, meditatively sit) in front of the Kinect for the first time.

Leelas Yin and Yang

The game is split into 2 parts: Play and Reflect. The ‘play’ side of the game is based on the ‘chakra’ system which the Wii and Kinect versions vary in regards to interaction during these levels. The Kinect uses flowing movements that correspond to each chakra which guide the play for that particular level. The premise being that the subtle movements are enough to ‘stimulate’ the chakra in the corresponding region.

This is very similar to (world renowned trainer) Paul Chek’s ‘Zone Exercises’ which has the person engage subtle movements for each ‘zone’ which builds vitality and energy into the gland, organ systems, and chakra for that particular region of the body. So you can also add ‘healing tool’ to the list of Leela’s descriptions.

Deepak Chopra’s Leela

The graphics and themes in the play section are quite psychedelic, combining a throwback design with a modern tinge- One part contemporary, one part ‘The Never Ending Story,’ creating a unique experience. Each level is totally different in look and strategy than the one before. On one level you are using a hip (root chakra) motion to guide seedlings coming from the core of the earth to grow under the sun and help the planet thrive and bloom- another level has you shooting fireballs with arm movements from the solar plexus region, refining rocks into gems.

Navigating through and understanding each level is quite simple to follow and understand (and it comes with a very helpful and handy game booklet). Even a beginning gamer should catch on right away. Of course mastering each level is another story! Well there is no real ‘mastering’ (because everything in life is always a work in progress, right ?), but there is a way to track time and try to become more proficient each time played.

The levels can be quite engaging and (chuckle) be warned, there are plenty potential opportunities to become flustered.

Some people have brought up the frustration factor as a potential ‘glitch’ in the overall strategy of the game development (are you really supposed to get flustered during a game that’s supposed to be meditative), but I see it as another aspect of the game experience to master. By always engaging the game in a playful and fun state, it can over time lend experience to ‘real life’ situations and train you to be more equipoised during our intense and often stressful day to day operations. As they say “life is 20% situation and 80% how we react to it.”

Leela can be made into a great tool to help train us to turn flustered into fun and helps us get into and go with the ‘flow’ of life.


The ‘Reflect’ section of the game allows you to engage in traditional meditation practices. You can look at it as a meditation companion that allows you to work with a structured system and provides guidance.

The Stillness section of ambient includes 3 sections:

Guided meditation: Step by step instructions that lead into mindfulness consciousness.

Silent Meditation: Meditations accompanied by sound in which you set your desired time.

Breathwork: Varying Pranayama style breath meditations which can greatly enhance our meditations, health, and overall well being. The kinect system actually senses your breathing motion to help coach you during the exercise. This may need to be aided by tucking your shirt in.

(* It’s to be noted that virtually any peptide (our ‘molecules of emotion’) found anywhere else can be found in the respiratory center- with certain breathing patterns this causes certain peptides to be released to restore homeostasis (balance) and optimizes our bodies own built in pharmacy.)

There is also an ‘Ambient’ section which provides rich visuals (mandalas) and healing music which was designed to help create a balanced and meditative environment.  Leave it on while you read, or do other things around the house.

There is also a ‘Mandala’ section in ‘Play’ where you can create and modify your personal mandala, given your mood or intent for the day and playing session.


I personally was pleasantly surprised by the entire game. Although I wouldn’t expect anything less from any Chopra endeavor, you can really see the meticulous detail and effort put in to creating this game experience- from the mandala cursor (on the Wii) to the transition screens, to the creative music.

It’s a wonderful companion for someone already into yoga and meditation, and has just enough hooks to bring in those curious about starting their venture into meditation and practicing mindfulness.

For more information on Leela and how to purchase, please visit Deepak Chopras Leela site.

Teatutia Teas is offering a free “Deepak Chopras Leela Meditative experience guide: Click here

For more information on Deepak Chopra, Click here

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Adam is a Reiki Master, certified Health and Lifestyle counselor, Intrinsic Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist, 20 year practicing bramana initiated Bhakti Yogi, Spiritual advisor, visionary, jock and veteran of the “hardcore punk scene” all rolled into one. His clients have included celebrities, politicians, professional athletes, and professional sport team owners. Adam is the founder of Omkara World and produced the mind/body fitness DVD “Intelligent Fitness.”

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Adam Helfer

Adam is a Reiki Master, certified Health and Lifestyle counselor, Licensed Massage Therapist, 20 year practicing  bramana initiated Bhakti Yogi, Spiritual advisor, visionary, jock and veteran of the “hardcore punk scene” all rolled into one.

Adam's quality, perseverance, commitment and dedication in his line of work has attracted attention and gained praise from internationally known figures. He is touching new people each day with his visionary and revolutionary mindset, instruction, and wisdom that proves to be infectious.
Adam is the founder of Omkara World and produced the mind/body fitness DVD “Intelligent Fitness."

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