Journalism's failure to communicate is dooming this country

Nothing is more dangerous than a people being misled Photo: (AP)

NEW YORK, October 10, 2013 – The military death benefits snafu is only the latest outrage, this time in connection to the shutdown gridlock.

Blame the president for knowing he can get away with anything. After all, when is the last time he was tested with a tough question?    

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So mostly blame the mainstream news media because from day one what we’ve got here is failure to communicate

Reporters  — where is the digging to get at the truth? Where is the muckraking that once did honor to our profession?

We never could trust politicians. But we could trust you, our journalists. Not anymore. Frankly, without your eyes and ears we are lost.

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We stumble in darkness because we have no one to trust. In Russia, reporters are doomed if they get too close to Vladimir Putin. Here you have the First Amendment. Use it! Or is it that you love your president more than you love your country? Apparently this is why we have fallen and can’t get up.

We teeter from one crisis to another as you continue to sleep on the job.

From the moment your man came on the scene you covered for him at a loss of your integrity and your editorial judgment. You forgot rule number one; tell a story from both sides. You stopped being journalists. You became shills and hucksters and snake oil salesmen. By suppression and by deception you kept us in the dark.

By perversion and by distortion you still keep us tottering eyes wide shut. By hook and by crook you fix your headlines to favor one man, one argument. By cunning and by mockery you slander his opponents. Before it was Bush. Now it is Boehner. By flagrant dishonesty you fail us and you fail yourselves upon your duty to keep us informed.

And nothing is more dangerous than a people misled. Totalitarianism thrives when falsehood is given as truth, when evasion is given as news.

By stealth and by deceit you build a fence around your man and you keep us blind to the truth, and over the years you danced us about his cronies and his czars and you played us about the guns to Mexico and you toyed with us over the folly in Benghazi. Today it is the government shutdown you let slide, or manufacture to favor your man. All that contrivance for his benefit.

What about the rest of us? We count on you, but when your name is called you are silent or deceitful.

The press is supposed to be adversarial. Or were you absent for that class?

The adoration speaks of something weird.

Last time we saw anything like this, such devotion for Big Brother, was in another country where people were goose-stepping.

Where is your shame when it is Jon Stewart we turn to for some reporting, slanted as it is? So for honesty we have mockery.

On the shutdown and everything else, it is not about Democrat and it is not about Republican. It is about being square and truthful with the American people.

No sense of honor to your craft? No allegiance to “get the story at all cost?” What happened? Where is your Woodward? Where is your Bernstein?

God bless Fox News and yes, the Washington Times, but after that where do we go?

Your job is not to “make the world a better place.” Your job is to give us the facts and nothing but the facts.

We the people can handle the truth, which for too long you, the press, seem to have misplaced.

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