Israel to cede land? First the atrocity in Ramallah, Mr. President

Imagine the ordeal suffered by these two kids who happened to be in the wrong uniform. Photo: PA perpetrator of the attack on Israeli reservists

NEW YORK, March 4, 2013 - Word is out that our president, in advance of his trip to the Jewish State in a couple of weeks, wants Israel to cede enough territory to make room for a sovereign Palestinian state by 2014. But which Palestinian organization would take over Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) – Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, or the Palestinian Authority (PA)?

There’s plenty of friction among these four groups. Only their hatred for Israel keeps them united in brotherhood.

Apparently, Mahmoud Abbas and his PA enjoy the world’s endorsement as fit for leadership, though Hamas is not too crazy about this.

Let’s assume then that the Palestinian Authority gets the president’s nod.  If so, it may be worth checking what happened some 10 years again when, as today, the PA ran the show in Ramallah. I knew Ramallah. As a journalist and as an innocent abroad, I once blundered in there, for it’s only six miles north of Jerusalem, and when I asked for directions on how to get out, an angry mob began to descend.

I can’t remember how I got out, but I got lucky.

Not so two young Israeli reservists, named Vadim Nurzhitz and Yossi Avrahami. They blundered in as well, and they paid for that mistake.

Police associated with the PA stopped Nurzhitz and Avrahami and took them into custody. That should mean safety. But a mob gathered outside the police station, the fist-shakers demanding to be let in. (Somehow this is reminiscent of the Sodomites that wanted to get their hands on Lot’s guests.)

The police complied, and from there we cannot imagine the ordeal suffered by these two kids who happened to be in the wrong uniform.

The mob bludgeoned the two young men and hacked them to death. Their bodies were mutilated and reports have it that the PA police took part in the atrocity. Then the mob hung the remains of these kids out the window for display. They were lynched and then dropped to the street to let the mob finish off whatever was left of these two young Israelis.

The mob still wanted more.

As reported by the Israel Law Center: “The brutal lynching was captured on video by Italian TV and broadcast around the world.  Few can forget the image of the badly battered bodies of the Israelis being thrown out of the window of the police station to the frenzied crowd in the street. An infamous photo captured one of the attackers proudly displaying his bloody hand out the window.”

Is this the Palestinian Authority that will live “side-by-side” with Israel “in peace and security?”

That mob in Ramallah, and those police in Ramallah – where did they learn such behavior?

Where does such savagery come from – schooling, parenting? What’s the grievance?

Ramallah is the administrative capital of the PA and for that reason alone it should be the safest place in PA territory. In fact, my computer’s encyclopedia defines Ramallah as “generally considered the most affluent and cultural, as well as the most liberal, of all Palestinian cities.”

So that is what we call liberal over there, and is that the welcome Israelis can expect from their new neighbors?

Will next year’s hospitality be different than it was 10/11 years ago?

Coincidental to Obama’s visit, a Jerusalem District Court is about to hear evidence against the perpetrators.

Mr. Obama may want to listen to some of that evidence before he judges the PA fit to rule alongside the Jewish State.


Jack Engelhard is a novelist for such moral dilemma bestsellers as The Bathsheba DeadlineThe Girls of Cincinnati, and the classic Indecent Proposal, his memoir Escape From Mount Moriah, and  Slot Attendant – A Novel About A Novelist is Engelhard’s partly autobiographical expose about the trials of making it as a writer, bring his words to the Communities page covering all topics, with special focus on the absurdity of human behavior, and reaches around the globe.

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Jack Engelhard

Jack Engelhard enjoys international fame as a novelist for such moral dilemma bestsellers as The Bathsheba Deadline, The Girls of Cincinnati, and the classic Indecent Proposal, which was turned into film starring Robert Redford and Demi Moore. His memoir Escape From Mount Moriah has been acclaimed for excellence and a movie version was an official selection at CANNES. Slot Attendant – A Novel About A Novelist is Engelhard’s partly autobiographical expose about the trials of making it as a writer. Engelhard’s journalism covers all topics, with special focus on  the absurdity of human behavior, and reaches around the globe. He can be contacted at


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