London's St. James Church chooses Hitler as its savior, sparks outrage

Would Jesus approve? Photo: The Wall at St. James (St. James)

NEW YORK, December 29, 2013 —  Maybe it is time for British Jews to start packing again. Surely there are millions of Muslims ready to replace them.

Hundreds of churches and synagogues throughout Britain and the rest of Europe are already being supplanted by mosques.

This certainly ought to gladden the leadership at St. James Church, Piccadilly. They chose Christmas to prove their loyalty to Palestinian Arab terrorists, whose godfather will always be Adolf Hitler. To scorn the Jewish State, they have festively replicated the “wall” (Israel’s security fence) on Church grounds to symbolize Palestinian “suffering” and Israeli “occupation.”

In fact, the “wall” is a chain fence that only touches Bethlehem from where Muslim terrorists emerged.

Thousands of Israelis were murdered before the barrier went up.

That does not concern this particular Anglican Church, which was designed and built by Christopher Wren in the late 1600s. So it is famed and historic and sits in the heart of London. Worshippers and passersby are able to rejoice and fill their hearts, once again, with baseless hatred.

The Jew Jesus, would He approve this message of loathing against His kin?

The extravaganza will run until January 5. The replica, we are told, is as large as the Church itself and features anti-Israel images and slogans.

Britain’s finest singers have been assembled to joyfully denounce Israel.

The party includes dancing, as there was dancing in Gaza and Ramallah when New York’s Twin Towers were taken down.

St. James apparently does not object to Christians being ethnically cleansed out of existence by Palestinians in total control of Bethlehem. Why worry?

Nor do Christians being murdered in Egypt and elsewhere throughout the Muslim world trouble St. James. Why be concerned?

Within the region, only in Israel are all religions welcomed and protected. This obviously goes blithely without notice at St. James.

Instead, find the usual suspects, as this Church has done, and draw upon a tradition that has bloodied Europe throughout the ages.

Back in 1290 King Edward I expelled all Jews from England. This edict lasted throughout the Middle Ages — which never seems to end in Europe. England was the first European nation to force Jews to wear an identity badge, later to be favored as the yellow star by Hitler.

Aside from the fact that the Holocaust happened only yesterday in terms of history’s calendar, without doubt St. James is operating on historical reflex. 

Does St. James speak for a minority or for a majority point of view, even among its own congregants? On that, we suspend judgment.

But from someone who has been to hell and back, it appears to upset the totality of Europe, first, that the Jewish people are no longer wanderers. They actually have their own country. Most disturbing, this! Second, it vexes so many around the world that these Israelis actually have the chutzpah to defend themselves. How awful!

It was not like that in the good old days. Jesus’ kin were fit for slaughter as the world joined in or looked on.

This time around, however, stouthearted voices are being heard in protest. Australian journalist Elaine Black has been alert on this and shares a sampling of what is crossing the wires to reprove St. James for what many see as vicious falsehood and outright bigotry.

Like this to the Church, from Ireland’s Denis MacEoin, editor Middle East Quarterly:

“In an age when anti-Semitism is growing daily… Why do terrorists win your sympathy more readily than Jewish children murdered in their beds?”

Also this, from Michael Dickson, director for Stand With Us, Israel:

“Dear Pastor [Lucy] Winkett and St. James Church staff,

“What a mean-spirited, one-sided and divisive stunt you chose to politicize your Church with this Christmas.

“In an ideal world there would be no walls. In an ideal world there would also be no suicide bombers – radical Islamist Palestinians who hate Jews that live close to them so much that they are willing to indiscriminately kill them and others – be it in a shopping centre, disco, pizza restaurant or if they are sitting at their Passover Seder.

“Be in no doubt that Israel built a security barrier only after enduring a wave of horrific terrorism that left thousands dead and maimed for life.”

More here, and very much worth reading — and a worthy reminder that the world’s most enduring hatred must be fought with an enduring resolve. 

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