Still more lies about immigration reform

Part two of exposing the Gang of Eights lies about immigration reform Photo: John McCain - Twitter

NEW YORK, May 6, 2013 ― In the last week, the sponsors of the “gang of eight” immigration reform bill have had a bit of an epiphany. Senator Marco Rubio has admitted that there needs to be a rewrite of the bill on border security. President Obama, in a speech to La Raza, stated that the pro-amnesty group was not going to get everything it demanded. Nonetheless, too many Americans are in the dark as to how utterly bad this bill is.

More than 11 million illegal immigrants will be eligible for legalization.

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Rubio responded to Powerline, where he stated that fewer than 11 million illegal aliens will receive legalization because some haven’t been here long enough, won’t pass background checks, or can’t afford the fines. Those illegals that fail to meet the criteria will be deported, according to Rubio’s office. But Mickey Kaus does an excellent job of explaining why these illegal aliens will probably never find themselves in deportation proceedings.

Senator Jeff Session (R-AL) put forward an analysis that was stunning. According to Sessions, 57 million people would receive legalization through the gang of eight’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform over the course of ten years. The numbers break down as follows: 

  • 11 million illegal immigrants receiving amnesty
  • 4.5 million family and employment petitions from previous years
  • 1.25 million merit based track one
  • 1.5 million employment based visas
  • 1.57 million employment based cap exemptions
  • 1.67 million family based visas
  • 5.63 million based cap exemptions
  • 753,000 unused family, employment, and visa lottery from 1993 to 2013
  • 168,000 others including refugees
  • 3 million DREAM Act & agriculture workers amnesty
  • 24.9 million nonimmigrant work visas

Criminals would receive amnesty.

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S. 744 details how it would it bar illegal aliens who have a conviction for a felony, an aggravated felony, three or more misdemeanors, unlawful voting, or who are believed to be engaged in terrorist activity. However, other criminal activity would not stop an illegal alien from obtaining legal status and eventually citizenship. 

An illegal alien with criminal activity would still be given the opportunity for citizenship under the following scenarios:

  • Anyone charged with an offense and released on bond is still eligible.
  • Juvenile aliens whom commit offenses will not be barred from eligibility because they are “adjudicated delinquents” not convicted of a crime.
  • Also there are a wide array of misdemeanors that vary from state to state
  1. In Florida, Assault on law enforcement officers, Fla. Stat. §784.07;
  2. In Florida, Human smuggling, Fla. Stat. § 787.07
  3. In Texas, Soliciting Membership in a Criminal Gang, Texas Penal Code, § 71.022
  4. In Texas, Soliciting Prostitution, Texas Penal Code § 43.02
  5. In New York, Welfare fraud in the fifth degree, New York Penal Law § 158.05
  6. In New York, Endangering the welfare of a child, New York Penal Law § 260.10

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There are no actual border security triggers.

Mediate’s AJ Delgado gave a devastating rundown of how the so-called border triggers don’t exist. The section of the bill entitled “Border Security Triggers” lists two types of enforcement measures: “Trigger to Initial Adjustment of Status” and “Trigger to Adjustment of Status from Registered Provisional Immigrant Status to Lawful Permanent Resident Status”. But as Delgado states, “these ‘triggers’ aren’t really triggers at all.”

Mass legalization of illegal aliens will begin once border security and the building of a border fence have started. They in no way have to be completed and may not be completed for years, if ever. Furthermore, the promise that no one will be able to receive a green card until certain security measures has been reached is also a lie. You will often hear Rubio make the case that the border has to be 90 percent secure.  That is not true, it’s only 90 percent in high-risk areas where there are more than 30,000 apprehensions a year.

Nonetheless, Senator Rubio’s office put out a press release that there are six triggers, when in fact the bill does not provide such enforcement. 


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