The new Obamacare campaign: Pledge to give the gift of healthcare

WASHINGTON, December 8, 2013 — Organizing for America (OFA), the Obama administration’s activist arm, gave its members talking points and strategies to pitch Obamacare to their families over Thanksgiving. That’s just the subject that people want to talk about around their holiday dinner table.

The OFA website lists a series of steps to reeling in your family: Send a packing list; plan your talk; conversation tips; and pledge to have The Talk. “Make a pledge to have a conversation with your family about health insurance this holiday season.” This is followed by input fields for your name, email address, and the “I WILL” submit button to seal the deal.

Can you say “creepy”?

Covered California (CoveredCA) is no better, putting a dollop of holiday cheer on a serving of guilt in its message: “Thank you for pledging to give the gift of health. Since you understand the importance of health care, with Covered California you can help make a difference.”

The website offers four steps to assist in this gift giving: Email a loved one; print out the “Pledge certificate”; have a conversation about healthcare; and help your loved one enroll. This is slightly different from OFA’s list, but the spirit is the same.

Five million people who had insurance that they were happy with no longer have it. Stories continue to pour in about inflated premiums and deductibles, and people being dumped into Medicare when they do not want it. The left is doing its best to debunk these stories, but reality is actually moving faster than the spin for a change.

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And we still have problems with, despite rosy forecasts from the White House and the assurances of administration officials testifying on Capitol Hill. Those who have actually completed enrollments still have no guarantee that they will be covered come January 1, 2014. So, HHS is asking these consumers to check back in January to ensure they are covered. People were diligent to take the time — and it does take time! — to get signed up on this faulty Exchange, and the onus is on them to take more time to ensure their sign up actually went through?


The icing on the cake — the actual pay feature of the site has not been built or tested. So even if people do actually receive coverage via the website, how are they supposed to pay for it? This is producing more song, dance, and scrambling by an administration still expecting to turn this sow’s ear into a diamond.

Yet, instead of acknowledging the disastrously problematic elements of this law and its implementation, President Obama doubled down on Tuesday with yet another public relations campaign speech. “And my main message today is: We’re not going back.” The president listed five “success” stories about people who the law has helped.

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Five versus the five million and counting who the law has already harmed.

The president then rallied the faithful and asked for help. “I need you to spread the word about the law, about its benefits, about its protections, about how folks can sign up. Tell your friends. Tell your family.”

Hence these pledges from OFA, CoveredCA, and who knows what other exchanges that are marching in lockstep.

The definition of a pledge is “a solemn promise or agreement to do or refrain from doing something.”

When we recite the Pledge of Allegiance, we are agreeing to the ideals of this country and to work to fulfill the ideals through our citizenship.

By swearing to these Healthcare pledges, exactly to what is one promising or agreeing? By entering an email address and zip code, you’re agreeing to be a promotional and demographic target for the Democrat party and other left-wing causes. In CoveredCA’s case, they have already passed on potential consumer’s contact information to their authorized insurance agents, even though these consumer did not request to be contacted. The Los Angeles Times reports,

“State officials said they are only trying to help potential customers find insurance and sign up in time. But some insurance brokers and consumers who were contacted said they were astonished by the state’s move.”

No one should be surprised. What should we expect from an administration whose Health and Human Services Department mounted a contest that encouraged the young invincibles to make a video supporting Obamacare. Prize money in the thousands was awarded to artist Jessie J for her parody called “Forget about the Price Tag.” Nine other runner-ups were also awarded cash prizes.

Maybe that money would have been better spent in ensuring the law was implemented properly. But with 600 million and counting already poured into the faulty, that’s probably asking way too much.

More news surfaced via Politico that HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius never met with Obama during the three-plus years of this Obamacare implementation. One more brush stroke to a painting of an administration that lacks the seriousness or the skills to actually take over one-sixth of the American economy. But according to Obama, the law is working and will continue to work, despite hard evidence that it is harming more Americans than it is helping.

The recent Harvard study about the young invincibles’ lack of pleasure not only in Obamacare, but with Obama himself was revelatory. All the promotion, contests, and propaganda in the world still cannot convince the young and healthy that robbing them blind to pay for the sick and the elderly is a good deal.

While Obama pooh-poohed the poll, USA Today was one of the news outlets that considered it a big deal. “John Della Volpe, polling director at the Harvard Institute of Politics, however said that it’s ‘absolutely the case’ that Obama has not been effective in communicating to young Americans about his health law.

“‘There are very few aspects of the health care initiative that they approve of,’ Della Volpe said.”

As Scooby-Doo would say, “Ruht-Rho!”

Pledges are good when we give fealty to a worthy person, organization or nation. No amount of tinkering with and rebranding Obama’s Affordable Care Act will change it into something good. It is a blight on the lives of average Americans.

You may sit for hours navigating yourself through the site, talking to an official navigator, even signing up for a health insurance policy This does not mean you will have either a policy or actual healthcare. More of this drama will unfold on January 1. In the meantime, reserve your pledge for something worthy of that allegiance.

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