10 Summer movies we are ready to see

The Avengers is out and Memorial Day is approaching. Here are 10 Summer movies we are dying to check out. Photo: Warner Bros.

OKLAHOMA CITY, May 13, 2012—“The Avengers’” domination of the box office has signaled that the Parade of the 2012 Summer blockbusters has started. But come on! Summer doesn’t start until Memorial Day. So here are 10 Summer movies I am dying to check out.

1. The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan has been brilliant with the Batman series, and this is the his third and final chapter. The Dark Knight ended with Batman on the run, taking the blame for Two Face’s crimes. “The Avengers’” box-office and reviews have raised the bar not just for comic book movies, but for movies over all. Can DKR live up to the hype?

2. Prometheus

Is it a prequel to “Alien”? We don’t know the exact answer, but the trailer gives clues that it is part of that universe at least. Directed by Ridley Scott and written by “Lost” co-creator Damon Lindelof, this has the makings of a classic sci-fi movie. This is one you really don’t want to know too much about because part of the fun is in the mystery.

3. Snow White and the Huntsman

Ok, so “Mirror, Mirror” let us all down. Actually no one actually expected that film to be good. But this latest adaptation of “Snow White” looks more like a chapter from “Lord of the Rings.” It looks like it has the chance to become an epic. But even if it’s, not maybe it will be enough to tide us over until “The Hobbit” comes out this fall.

4. Brave

The newest Pixar movie finally focuses on a girl. Pixar films rarely disappoints even if they don’t look good at the outset. (Remember “Up”?). In any event, the studio’s recent “Cars 2” was OK at best, so with this feature the studio needs to get itself back on track. Two misses in a row? No chance.

5. Rock of Ages

A Broadway hit that features hair metal music from the ‘80s? Okay, this has every ingredient to be a terrible film. But the chance to see Tom Cruise as an aging rock star? On one hand, that may be yet another reason to stay away from your local movie palace. But something about this is intriguing.

6. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Fewer trailers that don’t involve comedy have elicited more laughter than this one. Most moviegoers take a look at the trailer to this upcoming film and simpy don’t know what to think. But if you have read the book, you know this story is awesome. It takes history and gives it a twist. This movie either has a chance to blow people away completely, or to end up being so ridiculous that no one can take it seriously.

7. Ted

In the wake of the raunchy R-rated comedies we now have “Ted.” Family Guy’s Seth Macfarlane is making his first movie about a stuffed animal that’s actually alive. But really dirty. Next time you’re at the theater, watch the red band trailer and just try to not laugh.

8. The Bourne Legacy

Not a reboot of the Bourne franchise, this film is kind of a sequel to the earlier films. Matt Damon is gone in this one and Jeremy Renner is the new Bourne. Not the new Jason Bourne, but a different one. Prior to the release of this film, Renner raised his Q rating by appearing in the both the new “Mission Impossible” installment and “The Avengers” as well. This might be the vehicle that really makes him a star.

9. The Amazing Spider-Man

It was just a few years back that we groaned at the awful “Spider-Man 3.” Now, they are already rebooting the franchise. This one looks more emotional and dark, and is supposed to focus more on Peter Parker’s backstory – parts of which we haven’t seen before.

10. The Campaign

Few current silver screen figures are funnier than Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis, so seeing them both together in a movie: how could this go wrong? A satire on elections in an election year is certainly timely. And reports that Zach is doing his character Seth Galifianakis in this film? That’s almost guaranteed to be hilarious. 

Coincidently, or not, Jason also does movie reviews for KJ103. You can also follow Jason on Twitter@jasonblack23.

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