Interview with JW Najarian: Surviving prostate cancer (video)

HOUSTON, October 26, 2013 — Courage and inspiration can be found within many avenues and arenas throughout life. It was Napoleon Hill who said, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” JW Najarian’s mindset and life is a testimony to that expression.

Formerly, JW was on the board at Humanity Unites Brilliance (HUB) and was the Los Angeles coordinator for Feed333. Because of those positions and his networking ability, he was able to land some celebrity contacts and used those contacts to better others. Currently JW is a celebrity journalist and founder of On Purpose Magazine, where he conducts interviews of purpose and inspiration with bestselling authors, speakers, thought leaders, professionals and well known celebrities.

A proud Navy veteran, JW is also the founder of US Veteran Group on LinkedIn. US Veteran has 33,000+ members including veterans from all eras, family members, active duty troops and companies that have job or other helpful services for veterans.

Photo via: JW Najarian

US Veteran also has a sister group called US Veteran Jobs. Both groups allow vets to find old pals, find needed resources and jobs. Veterans still have the highest unemployment and suicide rates in the nation and I believe as a nation, we should be embarrassed about that.

“I love that there are incredible support groups like Wounded Warriors out there,” says JW, “but the truth is the veterans should not have to have the need of third party support. They are only 1% of the whole national population and we as a country can’t seem to give them the full support and help they need after putting their lives on the line for us.

If this nation can bail out the banks and large corporations then why can’t we honor our heroes?”

JW Najarian has spent most of his life making an impact and difference through his work, but now through tragedy, he is inspiring others with his courage.

Last April JW was diagnosed with stage four highly aggressive prostate cancer; he has recently decided to come forward with this information in hopes that it can encourage others in a similar position to continue to live a fulfilled life.

“If you have to get cancer, it’s usually the cancer you want to get,” says Jw, “as most men survive it. In my case I had a slightly higher PSA (prostate-specific antigen) and I didn’t take it seriously. A couple of weeks later I went back and my PSA was 118; the doctors thought it was a fluke. They took another test and the numbers were 125, they sent me as quick as they could to a urological oncologist and did a biopsy right away.

I was taking taekwondo at the time and I was sore in my shoulders, had pain in my hip, and I thought I was just sore from that. They tested my bones and sure enough, it had spread to my bones. My Gleason score was nines and tens out of ten, they told me that this was rare that the prostate cancer was that aggressive and rarely moves to the bones that quickly.”

But through this tragic news, JW refused to stay down.

“I had quit smoking a year before I got diagnosed, I was working out, eating healthy; I didn’t expect to get something like this. I just did an interview with Tony Robins’ partner, Chet Holmes, who had leukemia. I got to know him and he promised me that he would give me his first interview after he was done recouping. We spoke for about a half hour before the interview, friend –to-friend.  Sorry to say that Chet passed several months after my interview with him.

Chet told me the biggest mistake he made when he was diagnosed was that he tried all these different sources to heal his disease; God, faith healers, eating herbs, and he kept doing all of this stuff. He was coming from fear and desperation from this disease that could kill him. His biggest regret was that he didn’t spend that time with his family. So as soon as I got the diagnoses everything that Chet told me went off like a bomb in my head. I never even went to a place of fear or a woe I never had a “ why me?” day.

Photo via: JW Najarian

After the news I sat down and focused on forgiving everyone in my life including myself, and also being in gratitude. Even if your attitude doesn’t lengthen the time that you live, I wanted that time to be in a good place and appreciate everything I had, and be full of appreciation. That’s when I made my decision not to come from fear and desperation. At one point, I had a problem with my right leg, it kept buckling underneath me. Turns out that there were several tumors in my spine, two of which were pressing against my spinal column, they wanted me in surgery immediately.

I told them that just because they are telling me to jump, especially into spinal surgery, I wanted to research it and not leap out of fear. I went ahead with the procedure and I’m recuperating now, and recuperating quickly! At one point my PSA was at 185, now it’s at 0.6 and my bone tumors seem to be under control, which means all of the treatment (androgen depravation therapy) is working very well.

The doctors couldn’t tell me why I initially got this, so many extraneous variables that can happen, they simply don’t know, no one knows, and I didn’t want to waste time thinking about it. I work with a couple of people who helped make the film The Secret, and I work a lot with the law of attraction. I don’t focus where I’m at; I focus where I want to be.”

JW Najarian continues to work and conduct interviews for On Purpose Magazine, living each day to the fullest while inspiring others. Through his work JW has not only found his purpose, but has helped many by giving them purpose and inspiration.

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