Gary W. Goldstein: From Pretty Woman to Kickstarter (video)

Hollywood producer Gary W. Goldstein talks about his latest project, Kickstarter campaign for his new book.  Photo: Gary Goldstein, a man of many talents Photo: Maria Rangel

HOUSTON, May 14, 2013 — Gary W. Goldstein has produced some of Hollywood’s biggest box-office films, including; Pretty Woman, The Mothman Prophecies and Under Siege. His films have generated over one billion dollars in revenue worldwide and have received multiple award nominations in a variety of arenas including, the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes.

To describe him best would be to borrow a phrase from his official site: “[Goldstein] is a broker of brilliant people and inspired ideas, discoverer of the golden threads that connect projects, people, solutions, and success. His passion and gift is helping entrepreneurs and business owners change context and elevate dialogue, thereby creating a new story to drive greater success in business…and in life.”

This takes us to his latest project, a Kickstarter fund raising campaign for his new book, which is a road map that reveals how to transform talent as a writer into a successful career as a Hollywood screenwriter.

I recently spoke with Mr. Goldstein about his journey in life, his films and this campaign.

Gary Goldstein behind the camera Photo: Josh Grossman

On the Kickstarter site, he states one of the reasons he created this book was that “Even after all these years and producing films…I am still excited every day to innovate and help creative people break through and find the path to their own success.” 

So why would a man with such a valuable reputation and brand go with a crowd funding and self-publishing route rather than use the traditional publishing avenue?

“I’m very blessed,” said Goldstein, “I have great connections to top publishing agents and publishing houses, and I consulted with a number of them….When I looked at my bookshelf and the number of authors who are friends of mine, I mainly consulted with them and wanted to know their experience.

“What I learned was every success was very unique. The process of the publishing industry is changing as rapidly as the music industry; it’s in total disarray. Some of the things that were alluring to authors for years, like the credibility of being put out by Simon and Schuster or what have you, is really a lesser issue today because there is not a lot of brand loyalty or recognition. Nor are they really adept in marketing.

“I’m really entrepreneurial and I’m a very stubborn entrepreneur. I want things done a certain way, and I’m really big on freedom. So at the end of the day, after a lot of conversations and studying this landscape, I realized I just really wanted to do it myself.

“What made it really come clear is when I started talking with Morgan [Morgan Carson, business partner to Gary and the Goldstein Company], she brings to the table this brilliant creative gene.

“I had a lot of people approach me to publish it, and several suggested that I self-publish it. I knew at the end of the day I was going to have a number of physical books printed, sitting in the corner of my office, and I would have a digital book and a page on Amazon, but I didn’t have a ‘driver.’

“What excites me is rolling up my sleeves and being in community; this book is very special to me and represents a large part of my life. I didn’t want my book sitting around, and I wanted something dynamic.

“This has turned out to be more magical than I expected, but now I have a greater sense of purpose in putting this book out to the world. There is a real relationship that’s building around the book, and I think this is going to be a springboard to other extraordinary projects.”

This reporter finds it very intriguing and electrifying that a person with such a high caliber reputation is giving the public an opportunity to be a part of this campaign. You can learn about the entire campaign and how to become involved, beyond funding, by visiting Writer’s Guide to Hollywood.

Gary Goldstein is as inspirational and humble as he is brilliant and creative. In our upcoming discussions we will continue to learn more about his latest venture, as well as talking about his vast career.

Carter Lee is the author of When Jonathan Cried For Me, host of Carter Lee Presents the Fever, COO of, a coach, and manager of Carter’s Bombshells. To learn more about Carter or to see all of his projects visit Carter Lee’s Fan Page.



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