Darina Carlson: Tattoo artist and modeling extraordinaire

Darina Carlson is one of Houston’s most demanded tattoo artists Photo: Darina Carlson/ Digital Asylum Studios

HOUSTON, December 10, 2013 — Darina Carlson is one of Houston’s most demanded tattoo artists and her popularity, similar to the art itself, is growing daily.

The history of tattoos in civilization dates back to 4,000 BC, and made its way to western civilization during the maritime expeditions of the 16th century. A German immigrant, Martin Hilderandt, was the first documented professional tattoo artist in America. Hilderandt would tattoo soldiers, of both the North and the South, during the Civil War and he was in great popular demand.

Throughout history tattoos have represented nobility, religious dedication, wealth, and now in modern culture it is known as a way to express art and individuality. What once was considered taboo in our society has now been embraced and grown to be respected by many. Shows like Inked, Tattoo Highway, and Ink Master have helped engrain this art in our pop culture and now is one of the most popular genres of art to date.

Many tattoo artists take years to build a reputation or cliental, many never reach a level of true success, yet Darina seems to be a prodigy in this industry. Her apprenticeship was short lived do to her natural ability for tattooing, and she became a professional in 2012. She quickly built a reputation based on her quality of work with detail, shadowing, and coloring; and has a genuine passion for the industry and care for her clients. 

“Tattoos caught my eye when I was 16,” says Darina, “and I got my first tattoo when I was 17; after that I fell in love with this industry. I started hanging around a tattoo shop weekly, and at 18 started work on my sleeve. Getting tattooed is cathartic to me and watching another artist work on me is cool because I get to learn different techniques and it feels great when it’s over;  I get to wear a piece of art for the rest of my life. I am completely in love with the lifestyle, the scene, and the people.

Out of the twenty or so tattoos that I have, my favorite one is the one on my inner left arm of a tattoo machine with a flower. It was done by one of my favorite artists Shawn Will, and it represents my love of tattooing. I love to look at it; it inspired me to keep pushing and getting better and better at this.”

Artist at work

She is an artist in every sense of the word, she is also a designer, a makeup artist, and a model; but tattooing is her number one passion.

“I love making people happy and seeing them smile with my work. It’s amazing I get to put my art on another person, permanently, it’s truly an honor. Talking and connecting with my clients is great and I get to talk to a lot of interesting people. The best feeling in the world is seeing them smile and telling me how much they love their new piece. It’s better than any drug in the world. My biggest dream was to become a tattoo artist, and now here I am I am still in shock that my dream came true, I am so grateful that I do what I love and enjoy the most. I perform my art out of Scarlet’s Web of Dreams and the owner, Brandi Campanile, has done so much for me with giving me opportunities, I couldn’t be more grateful.”

From Martin Hilderandt to Darina Carlson, tattoo artists are deservingly respected and noted as true artists, and the best of them like Darina, are in high demand.

Darina has accomplished many goals in her life, and is a true inspiration and representative of the American dream. Through the next several weeks we will take a closer look at her career in art, modeling, and how she overcame past tribulations to become the dynamic artist and personality that she is today.


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