Obama, marijuana, and gay marriage: Last night America took a step forward (video)

Author and show host Carter Lee discusses the huge step forward to progress and change that America took last night. Photo: Associated Press

HOUSTON, November, 7, 2012 — It doesn’t matter whether you’re black or white, Hispanic, Asian or Native American; young or old; rich or poor; able or disabled; or, gay or straight: you can make it here in America if you’re willing to try.- Barack Obama

Last night America took a step forward.

Americans showed their support for President Barack Obama’s vision of moving forward, and convincingly reelected him. Obama has been the only president to serve a term where he has come under attack for questionings of his citizenship, even though he has shown proof.

The biased Fox News Network and other far right media have repeatedly attacked Obama on the economy, even though economists from both sides of the aisle agree that under his leadership we avoided an all-out depression. And not to be forgotten is the deficit he inherited from George W. Bush eight years ago. When Obama took office the Dow Jones Industrial Average was a little over 8,000; yesterday it was over 13,000.

But through the onslaught of deception and deceit of extremists, truth triumphed. Obama ran on his record, and prevailed: from building jobs, to killing Bin Laden, from reforming health care, to saving the auto industry. Yesterday, Americans showed that we listened, believed, and supported the President as we reelected him for a second term. We cast our votes for progress towards a better tomorrow.

Last night America took a step forward.

Last night, America chipped away at the Defense of Marriage Act, as citizens of Maine, Minnesota, Washington, and Maryland, approved same sex marriage. For so long we have lived in an archaic, judgmental, and oppressive society where gays can’t marry. But yesterday was a giant step in the right direction towards a better and new America; an America that can support love, marriage, and equal rights for all of her citizens, regardless of sexual orientation.

Hate took a hit yesterday.

It’s still not where we need to be in America, as in every state all Americans should be treated fairly and equally, but it’s a monumental start. People are speaking up for their brothers and sisters, and laws are changing and being upended.

Photo via: Associated Press

Last night America took a step forward.

For the first time in U.S. history, two states —Colorado and Washington — approved the legalization of marijuana for recreational use for adults 21 and over. It will take a while for all the red tape to be cut down, but it’s a start and light at the end of a tunnel for many.

For decades we have lived in a hypocritical America. An America that justifiably approves the use of alcohol but criminalizes those who want to use a natural herb that is far less harmful to individuals and to society.

Research shows that alcohol kills brain cells, and indicates the marijuana has neuro-protective properties. More people die from health issues caused by alcohol than marijuana use; alcohol is more addictive than marijuana; marijuana has many positive medical effects on the human body; and the list goes on.

Yet we have lived in a society where people have been imprisoned for the use of marijuana, where citizens can’t get jobs because of their use of it, and where people are often wrongly judged because they use the herb.

If America is going to progress into the future, we have to change. We have to step away from some of the archaic past that we have held onto for far too long. We have to embrace an America where we are treated equally, fairly and where we have hope.

When we don’t embrace change, when we don’t transition with the times, we remain archaic and become a dinosaur; then we face extinction. We, as Americans, are starting to embrace change, embrace a positive transition, and embrace a new era of hope and freedom. Millions are very proud to be Americans today, because last night America took a step forward.

Carter Lee is the author of When Jonathan Cried For Me, a professional speaker, executive consultant to verawear.com, host of Carter Lee Presents the Fever. For more information on his book, appearances, or to schedule an appearance; visit Innovative Social Dynamics.


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