No more excuses: Go for your dream

We all have dreams, yet so many of us push them aside as the sands of time fall. No more excuses. It's time to go for your dream! Photo: Carter Lee

HOUSTON, January 5, 2012— Fear is a pathway leading to many regrets. You might say a lot of things when you’re on your proverbial death bed. You may have a lot of regrets, but one thing you won’t say is, “Thank goodness I played it safe. Thank goodness I didn’t go for it.” – Excerpt from When Jonathan Cried For Me.

We all have dreams, and we all have aspirations; however, many of us give up on our dreams as the sands of time pass. We have responsibilities, bills to pay, families to support, but that doesn’t mean we have to skirt our dream to the side. Often our dream can transform.

Sometimes going for a dream we had in our youth may be absurd to chase once decades have passed; sure, if your dream was to be a football player and you’re sixty, you probably shouldn’t play football. But you could coach a local football team. Our dreams can often be played out in many different ways.

People use many excuses to give up on their dream in order to feel good about it:

“I don’t have time to do what really makes me happy. I have responsibilities.”

“I’m too old to go for that stuff now.”

“I don’t even know where I would begin.”

But those are just excuses. Once you use an excuse like that, your brain will recognize it as truth, and so it becomes. If I said, “I can never lose weight!” Well, I would still be one hundred pounds overweight. When you say, “I don’t have time,” it will become fact. You will never have the time.

It’s never too late to participate in what truly makes you happy; there is always time. You will undoubtedly have to sacrifice something in order to make that time, but the time can be made. Maybe you will have to spend a little less time with your spouse, skip a TV show you like, or television altogether. Maybe you will have to have less of a social life, but your true friends and spouse will be supportive.

No more excuses. No matter what your dream is, it’s time to go for it. Life is not to be taken in baby-steps.

If you once wanted to be the drummer of a band, but your fiftieth birthday comes around with you never having drummed, it’s not too late to take lessons. If you once wanted to be an actor or actress but never made the time to dedicate hours a day to make in mainstream, you could act in your local community theater. If you wanted to write a book, sit down and start writing today. Maybe you’ve wanted to own your own business; it’s now time to get your business plan together and begin hunting for investors.

There is never the “perfect time” to just go for your dream, but you have to go for it. Often the mental roadblock in our way is that of fear, fear of change, and the unknown. Change is nothing to fear, quite the opposite actually. Change is our friend, as is the unknown. We have to embrace change and the unknown for that is where our success lies.

Anything good that has happened to you happened because of change. You didn’t get a better job without change; you didn’t find the perfect partner without change; hell, you can’t even eat out at the new hotspot without change. So no matter what changes you have to make in the space around you in order to make time for your dream, I urge you to make them, and go for your dream.

The truth is, when we do what we want to do, we are truly fulfilled. So dust off that drum set, get out that old, unfinished manuscript, look into the schedule of your local theater, but no more excuses. It’s time to go for your dream!

Carter Lee is the author of, When Jonathan Cried for Me, President of Innovative Social Dynamics LLC., and is a professional speaker. To learn more about his book visit . For a personal  appearance or speaking engagement visit

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Carter Lee

I am the author of, When Jonathan Cried for Me, a story of struggle and redemption. I was once diagnosed with PTSD and depression because of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of a pedophile. I have spent the last four years of my life transforming myself from a broken person, into one with complete inner peace and no signs of those afflictions.

For most of my life, my only dream was to be in the sports entertainment industry, which I accomplished in my twenties by becoming a licensed professional wrestler, promoter and booker. After years in that industry – and many injuries later! – I realized that this was no longer my dream. I ventured into stage acting, stand-up comedy, and promoted bands in the local music scenes.

After years of trying to find my niche in life, I discovered my meaning in life, my purpose; I had an epiphany of what I was supposed to do. I started Innovative Social Dynamics LLC. Through my business I educate, inspire and challenge others to obtain positive transformation through the knowledge of the mind, science, and innovative philosophy. The tool for transformation and personal greatness exists inside of everyone. You can read more about me, my business and my book at


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