A Dream Chaser interview with hip-hop artist MC Buda Love

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HOUSTON, January 29, 2012 —Club Kryptonite was the host of Native III, one of the largest club parties in Houston with featured artist, hip hop’s MC Buda Love performing. MC Buda Love attracts big crowds in Houston, but having never seen him perform, I was not quite sure what to expect.

By 10:30 p.m., the club was at capacity with 1,500 people standing shoulder to shoulder in anticipation of the show.

A large framed man resembling a mixture of Zack Galiafinakis and Jack Black, MC Buda Love is impressive, both physically and as an artist. When he hit the stage and started to perform, my jaw literally dropped. Disappointment was nowhere to be found.

MC Buda says he doesn’t write lyrics for his songs and no two songs are exactly alike. This is stunning as  rhyme after rhyme, each phrase is witty and real. Sharing that he does not script his performances and harkening remembrances of Notorious B.I.G., MC Buda Love also reveals that as he performs multiple times a week, he does not practice in the traditional sense.

His performance flows with the music and the event, so that the response from the audience shows the true talent that sets MC Buda — and those that are masters of hip hop — apart from an artist that creates his or her lyrics in the traditional sense.

Two days following the Kryptonite show, MC Buda’s home was burglarized; he was robbed at gunpoint. When we met up to talk, he looked very peaceful, a testament to his inner self.

Asked how he was holding up, MC Buda shared that he meditates daily to keep a positive frame of mind. He just goes with the flow of the Universe, knowing everything will work out. He viewed the robbery as a life lesson, revealing that it was just one more experience fueling him to success.

One cannot help but admire MC Buda’s positive outlook on life or his open mind. For as masculine as he is, he believes that God is a woman and spends a lot of his time meditating, getting in touch with his spiritual side.

Carter: How long have you been performing?                                                                     

Buda: Two years.

Carter: When did you fall in love with music?

Buda: Music is my life right now and has been as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, I listened to a lot of classic rock because of my parents; Led Zeppelin, Eagles, and Lynard Skynard were some of my favorites. Then in the seventh grade, I got turned onto Limp Bizkit, Eminem, and Kid Rock and truly fell in love with hip hop.

Photo by: Lovesun the Don (click to enlarge)

Carter: Did you always want to be a performer or was there a different dream when you were younger?

Buda: For most of my life growing up, through high school and college, football was my life. I went to Midland Lutheran College in 2005 on a football scholarship.

Carter: So how did you make the transition from football to MC?

Buda: I got into trouble when I was in school, spent some time in jail, and when I got out, that previous opportunity I had was gone. I definitely went through a phase of trying to figure out who I was. I wasn’t Buda the football player anymore, so I had to ask myself who Buda was at that point. I was going to the underground and rave scene; at the time, Joe B and Steve Swift were very large in the scene and inspired me. Once I picked up the mic, everything just took off. 

Carter: Who inspires you now?

Buda: My parents

Carter: Do you write all of your lyrics?

Buda: I don’t write any lyrics. Everything is freestyle. I will never perform the same song twice in the same way. 

Carter: To what do you attribute your present popularity and success?

Buda: Demand for me got high; Face Book was a huge part of it. I just kept putting myself out there and people would read what I had to say and [then] show up to the show. Every show has gotten bigger and bigger. It’s been a constant incline. I think a huge reason for that is that I’m very personable; a lot of others on the same level as me, as far as popularity, aren’t that personable at all. If a fan comes up to me and tells me they love what I do, I have love for them right away, and we are instantly bonded through music. They have love for me and I have love for them right back.

Carter: When can we expect an MC Buda Love album?  

Buda: That’s the thing with being an MC, I do things ass backwards. Most artists release a CD, then have a show to hype their album. I’m going to make an album to hype my shows. I’m a live performer. I will have an album out this year though.

Photo by: Marvin 3k (click to enlarge)

Carter: Often when pursuing our dreams or goals we are faced with emotional and/or physical barriers. What barriers did you or do you face? How did you overcome them?

Buda: When I first started doing this, I didn’t feel my word play was as good as everyone hears now; I got into dubstep and loved it, so I fit my rapping around dubstep. Finding my niche with the music and where I fit in was a challenge at first. I also had thoughts like, am I good enough? I’m very secure, but musically…I was insecure. Now I have nothing to prove.

Carter: Why is that?

Buda: I feel I have nothing to prove because I’ve already taken it farther than I could possibly imagine or dream of. If you surpass your dream, then what is there left to do?I’m very happy. This makes me happy.


Keep up with MC Buda Love by following his fan page and his radio show every Tuesday from 11:00pm-2:00am EST.

Special thanks to club Kryptonite.


What are Dream Chaser interviews?:  Throughout life there are those that inspire, that invoke wonderment, that we wonder how they did what they did, or got where they are. A Dream Chaser is someone that has followed a path to a realize a dream - whether on the big stage or with the local community organization.  Dream Chaser interviews introduce you, the reader, to those that inspire. 

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