Exclusive interview with Donald Trump, an extraordinary Dream Chaser (video)

Carter Lee interviews Donald Trump on going after one's dreams and goals and what it takes to accomplish them. Photo: Trump Organization

You have to make and create your own destiny by taking action and putting yourself in control. From When Jonathan Cried For Me by Carter Lee.

HOUSTON, January 28, 2012 — My Dream Chasers series of interviews started with the CEO of Vera Wear and Vera Films Angel Rivera. I asked Mr. Rivera who his inspiration was, and he named Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump is an individual known for the ability to multi-task his talents with a razor-sharp focus. He is truly a dream chaser extraordinaire. The following is my exclusive interview with Mr. Trump.


Carter: You graduated from the New York Military Academy in 1964. In your book, The Art of the Deal, you wrote that you flirted with the idea of going to film school, being inspired by the likes of Sam Goldwyn, Darryl Zanuck, and in particular, Louis B. Mayer. 

Has your show filled that need you once had to be a part of entertainment? Do you have future plans to go into film since it was an early desire of yours?

Mr. Trump: Being involved in the entertainment business has been lucrative as well as a lot of fun. We’re going into our twelfth season with The Apprentice, and it had been determined the show would be a “one season wonder” when the first season was an immediate hit. It’s done very well and continues to get better.

I am also a partner with NBC with the Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants which have also done tremendously well. There are opportunities in the film industry, but right now it’s a matter of my schedule and how to fit more into it.

If I find the right project, there’s a chance I would become involved.

Carter: Was it your plan all along to become successful in many different enterprises, or did this evolve? 

Mr. Trump: I was initially focused on real estate and becoming a developer. Gradually my interests broadened to include more than real estate. I am essentially a builder but that can include other things than buildings/skyscrapers.

I became a golf course developer because I love the game and that seemed a natural progression for me. I can play golf and survey my courses at the same time.

The Apprentice had a business and educational subtext that also intrigued me and plugged into my acumen as a businessman and a teacher.

I believe my diversity evolved once I was established in real estate.

Carter: In your book, you discussed the loss of your brother, Freddy, and stated that he never quite found himself in life. What advice can you offer to help others find themselves.

Mr. Trump: I firmly believe you have to have a passion for what you do in life in order to succeed. Without passion it can be tough going, and you need to have focus as well.

It’s important to find out what you like doing, what you’re suited for, and then go for it with everything you’ve got. You have to give 100% or it won’t work.

Mr. Donald Trump (File photo)

Mr. Donald Trump (File photo)

Carter: Often when going for our dreams, we are faced with physical and/or emotional roadblocks. What are some that you encountered, and how did you overcome them?

Mr. Trump: When I was young and unknown in New York, I had to be creative in gaining access to a club that had influential people, people who could be important to my having a foothold in Manhattan.

I was persistent and the (club) president agreed to meet me and I got in.

Also, the market wasn’t great in New York at that time. Everyone was saying how terrible it was. But I’d just gotten there so I ignored the doomsday atmosphere and pushed on ahead.

It wasn’t easy, but I was very determined, very focused. There are always opportunities and that’s the important thing to remember.

Carter: You experienced pitfalls on your path to success. When faced with these, how were you able to continue to fuel your success?

Mr. Trump: I realized that it’s important to focus on the solution, not the problem.

Where you put your energy matters. My number one motivation was to get my business back on track and as quickly as possible. My “fuel” is the passion I have for my work.

I love what I do and that’s the best motivation you can have.

Carter: As a child, your inspiration was your father. What traits about him were the sources of that inspiration?

Mr. Trump: He, too, loved his work. He worked every day. It gave him energy. He was also very disciplined and a great negotiator. I learned these things, and many more, from being around him and watching him in action.

He was a totally focused man, very thorough and he had great integrity.

Carter: You were an athlete in high school, and the captain of your baseball team. Might there be a Trump baseball team, or some other professional sports team, in the future?

Mr. Trump: It doesn’t seem likely right now, but that can always change. My schedule is pretty intense as it is.

Carter: As a man who has chased so many dreams, accomplishing so many of them, what’s the best advice you can give to others chasing their own dreams?

Mr. Trump: You have to love what you do and you have to be focused. Keeping the momentum going is also very important.

But passion is number one.

Carter: Thank you Mr. Trump for this opportunity to talk with you. Do you have any other thoughts you would like to add?

Mr. Trump: I’d say realizing there are opportunities at all times, and having the mindset to be and to remain positive. You’ve got to keep motivated, no matter what the circumstances are.


Real Estate Mogul Donald Trump Opens Virginia Winery: MyFoxDC.com


In my interview with Mr. Trump, I came away with two things that are essential to not just chasing, but also actually catching your dreams. I’ll let my readers decide for themselves what I think those are. What are your takeaways?


Carter Lee is the author of, When Jonathan Cried for Me, President of Innovative Social Dynamics LLC., and is a professional speaker. To learn more about his book visit http://www.whenjonathancriedforme.com . For a personal  appearance or speaking engagement visit http://www.innovativesocialdynamics.com

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For most of my life, my only dream was to be in the sports entertainment industry, which I accomplished in my twenties by becoming a licensed professional wrestler, promoter and booker. After years in that industry – and many injuries later! – I realized that this was no longer my dream. I ventured into stage acting, stand-up comedy, and promoted bands in the local music scenes.

After years of trying to find my niche in life, I discovered my meaning in life, my purpose; I had an epiphany of what I was supposed to do. I started Innovative Social Dynamics LLC. Through my business I educate, inspire and challenge others to obtain positive transformation through the knowledge of the mind, science, and innovative philosophy. The tool for transformation and personal greatness exists inside of everyone. You can read more about me, my business and my book at http://www.whenjonathancriedforme.com


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