Dream Chasers: Angel Rivera

A revealing interview with actor, model, producer, and CEO of Vera Wear and Vera Films, Angel Rivera. Photo: Lyandra Mark

HOUSTON, January 5, 2012—There is only one way to achieve your dreams, your goals, and your desires. You have to go for it! From the book, When Jonathan Cried For Me by Carter Lee.

Dream Chasers is a series of articles where I will interview a variety of people in a cornucopia of industries that are striving, thriving, and living to achieve their dreams. Not only will we learn about these incredible people, but we can learn from them, be inspired by them, and be encouraged by them to help us to achieve our own goals and dreams.

Recently I spoke with model, actor, and CEO of Vera Wear and Vera Films, Angel Rivera.

Carter: When did you start Vera Wear and Vera Films?

Angel:  I started Vera Wear in 2007, and by 2011 Vera Films was formed. However, it will officially begin production on its first film in 2012.

Carter: What’s the film that we all can look forward to?

Angel: Currently Vera Films, along with Blissfully Angelic Productions, are working on the Vera Wear Project, a modeling competition that will feature 15 women competing for the title, Vera Wear’s Spokeswoman. The winner will be featured in magazines, commercials, and more. Also, a project I’m a part of is Downtown Orlando Fashion Week, with owner Michael Ransom.

For more information on the Vera Wear Project visit Facebook.com/theverawearproject, and log on to verawear.com and follow Angel Rivera on twitter @angelluisr

Carter: What got you interested in the fashion world along with entertainment as an actor?

Angel: Fashion is something that is important to me. I think when you look good you feel good. As far as acting, that has been something I have done since I was a teenager. I was the director of dramas at a local church in Orlando, Florida. 

Carter: Was the fashion industry and acting always your dream?

Angel Rivera (click to enlarge)

Angel: Fashion was not always my dream. Just recently, I started to appreciate fashion for what it is. Acting, on the other hand, has been something I always have wanted to do. I have always been kind of shy. Finally, I have been able to break out and become a better actor.

Carter: When did you decide to fully go for your dream?

Angel: I decided to become an actor when I was 20. I really had a hard time deciding what to do, but I finally decided that this was something I really enjoyed.

Carter: Who was your role model when it came to going for your dream? Did you try to emulate anyone?

Angel: When it comes to the business world, only one person comes to mind, Donald Trump! He is an excellent businessman, and has been able to change the business world, as well as combine it with entertainment.

Carter: Being an actor and CEO of two companies, I imagine you are very busy. Tell us about your daily routine.

Angel: It can be crazy sometimes, but my normal day starts at 7 am. I drive my oldest daughter to school. Afterwards, I stop by Vera Corporate, and make sure things are running well. I am there normally until 6 pm. During that time, I’m also in meetings for future projects for Vera films, in addition to meetings with my publicist regarding my acting career.

Carter: What advice could you give others trying to break into the entertainment industry or trying to become the head of their own company?

Angel: I think it is important to stay true to yourself. You really have to know who you are before you try and convince someone else. The entertainment industry is tough. So it is important to bring something new and fresh. You have to have something that will separate you from the rest. Most companies will end within the first five years. The first thing I would do is research and make sure that what you are trying to create has a track record of success. The last thing is numbers. There is success in numbers.

Carter: What do you mean by success in numbers?

Angel: The best way for me to describe that is by this example: If I’m selling chocolate and knock on 10 doors, I might sell four to five bars of chocolate. But if I knock on 20 doors I’ll increase my sales by nine to ten; that’s double. I think that the more people you reach, the more success you will have.

(click to enlarge)

Carter: Often we face psychological and physical road blocks on the path to success; what were the road blocks that you had to face or are currently facing?

Angel: Psychologically, it has not been easy. Failure is always there. The thought of not accomplishing my goals can be hard, but I have learned that if you keep trying, you can’t fail. Being a CEO and building your name as an actor is a lot of work. Add full-time to the mix, and it can become close to impossible, but I have always loved a challenge.

Carter: What methods did you use to get overcome these roadblocks?  

Angel: I feel I am very blessed with my daughters and the people who surround me each day. They give me a lot of strength, and with that I can overcome anything.

In the space around him, Angel Rivera has managed to maintain being a full time father while creating two companies, acting, modeling, and going for his dreams. It can be done and we can use his story to inspire us.

I closed the interview with Mr. Rivera with one final question.

Carter: Do you have a motto you live by?

Angel: I have a few but one that comes to mind is:

Live for your dreams. - Les Brown


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