Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. Sony Xperia Z Ultra Preview (Part 2)

Which one of these highly anticipated smartphones will come out on top? Photo:

WASHINGTON, July 10, 2013 — “The King is dead, long live the Ultra!”. That is what one reader commented after reading the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Sony Xperia Z Ultra Preview

While it may appear that the Sony Xperia Z Ultra will make short work of the Note 3 keep in mind that article only only discussed two major aspects of the two phablets, screen tech and build quality. Even though these are critical for the success of a smartphone with such a big display, they do not tell the whole story. You should not jump to conclusions as both devices are yet to be released and the Galaxy Note 3 hasn’t even been announced yet.

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And speaking of the Galaxy Note 3, during the last several days, new rumors have surfaced.

Latest Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Rumors

As predicted, Samsung could not afford to release Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with a resolution lower than 1080p. A recently published User Agent Profile shows that the Note 3 will feature a Full HD Resolution.

NOTE: An User Agent Profile is usually created by the manufacturer so that content providers can use it to produce content in an appropriate format.

Flexible Display

Flexible Display

Another recently surfaced rumor claims that Samsung will release not one, not two, not even three, but four Galaxy Note 3 models:

  • the 1st model will be made out of premium materials and feature a 13MP camera and an unbreakable / flexible AMOLED screen; this model is allegedly going to be sold in limited amounts;
  • the 2nd Note 3 version will come with a plastic body, a 13MP camera and a classic Super AMOLED display;
  • the 3rd model will also feature plastic and a 13MP rear-facing camera but will come with an LCD screen;
  • the 4th and final Samsung Galaxy Note 3 version will be made out of plastic and pack an 8MP main camera and an LCD display;

Again, however, take the above info with a boulder of salt. It is unlikely the “Premium” Note 3 will see the light of day, at least not the way one would expect. If indeed this device will be manufactured it will be available in extremely limited quantities and probably be used to showcase the flexible / unbreakable screen tech. This technology, according to a multitude of specialized reports, is not yet ready to be mass manufactured.

Samsung could release the other models, but it is unclear why the company would choose to do so. Recent rumors suggest the manufacturer might have some problems with producing as many Super AMOLED panels as it needs, mainly because the company is also manufacturing a lot of OLED Smart TVs. However, these are unofficial reports.


Qualcomm Snapdragon 800

Qualcomm Snapdragon 800

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Sony Xperia Z Ultra – CPU

The Xperia Z Ultra will pack a Snapdragon 800 CPU (the most powerful SoC, not yet released).

As far as the Note 3 is concerned, somewhat older rumors have suggested that, just like the Galaxy S4, Sammy’s upcoming phablet will come in two flavors: one with the Snapdragon 800 under the hood and one powered by Samsung’s own Exynos 5 Octa (with an 8 core Mali-450 GPU). However, given the uncertainty and chaos that loom over Samsung’s Exynos Division and the fact that last year’s Note 2 featured a Qualcomm SoC when the Galaxy S3 came with both Exynos and Qualcomm CPUs (depending on the region) the Galaxy Note 3 will likely end up with a Snapdragon 800 under its hood. Therefore, for now, the two will tie in the processing power department.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Sony Xperia Z Ultra – Main Camera

This round will most likely be won by Samsung’s device. The Sony Xperia Z Ultra will pack an 8MP front-facing camera without LED flash. This could change before the phablet ends up on shelves.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3, at least the most powerful model, will most likely feature a 13MP camera. And if Samsung will continue the trend started with its earlier devices, the software department will be full of interesting camera related apps. While most users would be happy if all S4’s camera features are ported over but Samsung might as well introduce new ones.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and its S Pen

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and its S Pen

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Sony Xperia Z Ultra – Stylus and Software

While Xperia Z Ultra’s ability to use even a regular pen as a stylus is really cool, you have to take into account that one will not be bundled with the phablet. Even more, the Xperia Z Ultra doesn’t seem to have a built in holster for such an instrument.

On the other hand, the Galaxy Note 3, in true Note fashion, will arrive with an S-Pen which will be easily be inserted into its own slot in the smartphone’s case. Galaxy Note 2’s S Pen features 1024 levels of pen-pressure sensitivity and that the device arrived bundled with a lot of S Pen centric apps and features (Quick Command, Air View, S Memo, so on and so forth). Most likely, the Note 3 will benefit from the same features and who knows what else Samsung is brewing?

So, based on the preview, which one would you prefer and why? The comments section is all yours.

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