Military Veterans and Entrepreneurship: Life after the Armed Services

There are a number of occupations that are uniquely well-suited for veterans. Photo: Veterans return with skills America needs

TEXAS, January 8, 2013 – For many individuals, life after service in the Armed Forces can be a difficult and confusing time, especially if you don’t have a designated profession in mind. But as more and more people are discovering, there are a great number of occupations that you can already be qualified for. 

Professional jobs within your grasp and gleaned from the experience and training you received during your military service.  

What professions you might ask? Entrepreneurship is one fine example!

There has been a rise in the number of entrepreneurs who have completed their tours of duty in any number of military branches who have found this unexpected benefit from their service in the armed forces.  

Let’s take a look at some of the occupations that are uniquely well-suited for veterans, jobs that not only utilize their wide-range of experiences and talents but can become that all-important segue from military-service to civilian life once more.

  • Night Tours/Hunts Guide: With the prevalence of ease in procuring night vision equipment, almost anyone can afford to get a set. However, many people have not had the proper training and will end up spending either way too much time becoming adept at it or will quit out of frustration. Since almost all armed forces individuals have received training in how to effectively use night vision equipment and how to utilize proper sneaking techniques, anyone from the service can setup a business to help those without training. Being a tour guide of sorts can allow for customers to do anything at night; things like night photography, night nature tours, or night hunting.
  • Shooting Guide: All members of the armed forces are trained in how to properly and effectively fire firearms. This skill can be used to teach those looking to improve their own abilities. From hunting to target shooting, the skill of a firearm shooter can be increased by following the tried and true techniques employed by the military.
  • Survival/Camp/Hike Guide: There is no doubt that the members of the military are the best when it comes to surviving out in the wilderness. Being able to do so would be very valuable to teach to people who like to camp or hike on trips, but are not particularly good at it. Being outdoorsy is always popular, there are sure to be many who would love to take survival lessons.
  • Fitness Trainer: All the years of staying in peak physical performance is a desirable trait for people looking for someone to teach them how to get in or to stay in shape. Sharing your knowledge and providing them with a guide can be a very profitable field to explore.
  • Specialist Trainer: If you have received any other training beside what is covered in general and basic trainings, then that could also be used to become a mentor for that field; things like mechanic work, off-road driving, computer skills, etc., the list is endless. Every field that you have trained for can become your next cash crop as it were, to teach to civilians who wish to enhance their own knowledge in the field. 

All of these personal trainers’ positions can have quite an impressive earning income potential if they are sought out and performed with a modicum of business tactics. If you are motivated to earn a substantial living, enjoy the respected atmosphere, or just want to help people learn what you are an expert it, then it is highly beneficial to become some sort of trainer who teaches what was taught in the military.

The trick is making sure to keep your prospective clients properly motivated and be thoroughly knowledgeable in your field to ensure you will be making good connections.  You know the old adage about ‘It’s not what you know, but who you know’ will come in handy here.  After all, you’ve already put in your time protecting the rest of us; you’ve earned it.

Join Craig Pearson as he talks to Ex-Military personnel who have started their own businesses and with information that you may find helpful when starting your business.

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