Thomas Menino refuses to allow Tamerlan Tsarnaev a decent burial

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, decreed the dead Boston Marathon terrorist will not be buried in Boston. Photo: AP

CHICAGO, May 8, 2013— Death does not solve all your problems.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev has a problem. Tsarnaev is one of the two terrorists  brothers accused of the bombings at the Boston Marathon. Tsarnaev was killed during a police chase. The facts of his death are irrelevant. He is dead. Dead is dead. 

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Tsarnaev’s problem? It appears in cold hearted, mean spirited, merciless Boston, Tsarnaev cannot get a decent burial. We can all agree Tsarnaev was evil, deplorable, murderous, detestable, and a terrorist. We will never know if he hooked up with the 72 virgins promised in the Quran. But, everyone deserves a decent burial. 

Even the most depraved evil criminals executed by states get decent burials. Murderous gang members get decent burials. Adam Lanza and the Columbine killers received decent burials. Osama bin Laden was afforded a decent burial, secretly at sea, but in line with Muslim religious and long established maritime customs.    

Not in Boston. A third world tin pot despot, Mayor Thomas Menino, rules Boston with an iron fist. He alone decrees who is treated decently and who will be buried in his city. It is his city. He refuses to separate the concept of a decent burial from the disgusting actions of Tsarnaev. 

No elected official has the right to deny anyone a decent burial. Mayor Thomas Menino is not a typical elected official. He is the boss. Understand? He is the boss. Like typical tyrannical gangster politicians, what he says is law. Case closed. 

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“I wouldn’t allow him to be buried in a city cemetery that’s for sure,” Menino said today. “It’s not dignified to put him in Boston. He’s not from Boston. He’s from somewhere else. He needs to go back to his homeland. 

“I don’t care where he’s buried at all,” the mayor added. “The family has to deal with it. Let them deal with it.” (Boston Herald) 

And that is that. The Menino determined what is dignified. He determines what is allowed. That is tin pot dictatorship. “He is from somewhere else?” Anyone with an immigrant family background should be appalled and offended. 

This is not the first time Menino has expressed a tyrannical streak. The despot mayor is in favor of torture. Here is what Mayor Menino once said he would do to three accused murderers, “I’d do some things that would be worse than the death penalty. Because it wouldn’t happen in a second. I would slowly torture them.’’ 

Maybe the United States should invade Boston. Menino sounds as bad as Sadamm Hussein. Mayor Menino is a disgrace to humanity. Allowing Tamerlan Tsarnaev a decent burial in Boston will not harm anyone. It will not demean or degrade the victims. It will not mortify the public. It would cheapen nothing. Allowing Tsarnaev a decent burial would show humanity. Tin pot despots like Menino have no humanity. It could even be argued he is not human. 

Neither Menino, nor anyone else has to love or forgive Tsarnaev. That is up to God, Yahweh, Allah, the Great Pumpkin, or whoever is up there in the ether. 

If we treat child molesters, serial killers, mass murderers, rapists, and other purveyors of evil with decency upon their demise, we can afford Tamerlan Tsarnaev the same. 

Tamerlan Tsarnaev committed a heinous crime. He was a despicable person. But he is dead. He can no longer harm anyone. He is a corpse. Tsarnaev should be afforded a decent timely burial. It does not have to be public. No flowers, monument or even small headstone or marker is necessary. Tsarnaev can even be buried secretly, in the dead of night. 

Mayor Thomas Menino and others like him are the worst of what America has to offer. He is a disgrace. But, being a tin pot despot means never having to say you are sorry or ashamed. Being a tin pot despot means you are immune from any standards of decency and morality. 

It will be interesting to see what other inhumane outrage Boston Mayor Thomas Menino will commit and get away with before his final term as mayor is over.

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