CAIR assaults the First Amendment

CAIR does not have to like America's right to freedom of expression. CAIR must accept it. Photo: Screenshot NYD

CHICAGO, May 7, 2013 — Hi! My name is Ron Kanfi, and I am the Cardologist around here. Welcome to NobleWorks, the world’s funniest greeting card company and naughty funny cards. I’m guessing you’re here because you either have a wicked sense of humor, or because you landed on this page by accident. Either way is fine by me, just as long as you enjoy and buy NobleWorks’ funny cards. (NobleWorks

Those warm fuzzy America bashing folks at the Chicago Chapter of Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) are trying to dismantle the First Amendment again. CAIR’s targets this time are a greeting card company and Chicago stationary store. The long established business is well known for Avant Garde, offensive and humorous items. Many of the wares are sexually suggestive and aimed at the gay community, which populates the area.

According to the New York Daily News, the alleged civil rights and educational organization is upset over a Muslim greeting card found in a Chicago store, He Who Eats Mud.

The card features a digitally altered image of Aamina, a hijab-wearing, talking Muslim doll with a pull string. The doll is used to teach Arabic phrases and greetings. 

Ahmed Rehab, the Executive Director the Chicago chapter of CAIR sees “blatant bigotry” in the card. CAIR sees blatant bigotry the American way of life. CAIR sees blatant bigotry in the First Amendment of the Constitution, which protects freedom of expression, even blatant bigotry. 

NobleWorks, the card’s distributor, told media that the card had sold out in the Chicago store. The card store is located in “Boystown”, the nation’s third largest gay community. The other name for the area is East Lakeview. It is populated by a majority of very liberal people whose tender sensitivities are easily offended. Evidently, consumers in the ultra-liberal politically correct, diverse, multi-cultural neighborhood did not find the sold out card blatantly bigoted or insensitive. 

“I can only imagine folks and friends who receive or read our cards, can help but wonder as to whether laughing is the appropriate thing to do,” Noble Works’ owner, Ron Kanfi, said on the company’s website. “But as our motto goes: “F**k ‘em if they can’t take a joke!”  (New York Daily News) 

This is America. We are Americans. We shall not fear. Our First Amendment guarantees the unalienable right to free expression. It even guarantees the right to offensive and bigoted expression. CAIR can take their politically correct, politically palatable, multi-cultural, diversity nonsense back to whatever repressive countries their members, or their ancestors claim to come from. 

The false ideologies of political correctness, multi-culturalism, and diversity are direct assaults on our First Amendment rights to freed speech and free expression. Denying people rights was the whole purpose of creating those big lies. 

Free means free. It does not mean free, except in the case of offending tender sensitivities. If that were the case, the Onion and a host of other expressive outlets would be banned. 

By the way, in Great Britain the store owner and card publisher could be arrested and prosecuted over this card. Think about that. Is this what we want in America? Arrest for expressing one’s self? 

CAIR does not have to like the cards. They do have to accept them. Expression and speech offends people every single day. That is the American way. CAIR is indirectly violating civil rights. CAIR does not care. Publicity is publicity and that is all CAIR is after. Of course they would probably get an increase in donations over this. Everyone likes money.   

“I would urge him to make fun of us, but do it intelligently,” said Rehab.  “Humor ought to have even a minimal amount of intelligence but when it lacks all intelligence and is the same kind of message that you would get out a white supremacist group then, it’s not so funny.”  (WGN) 

Someone should tell Mr. Rehab that even White supremacist groups are protected under the First Amendment. We do not have to like it. He does have to accept it, but they are protected. Just like black, Hispanic, Jewish, and Muslim supremacist groups must be protected, unless they cross the line and actively deny others their rights.

The key word is actively. They can express all they want. They can advocate all they want. They just cannot act upon their expressions or advocacy. Unless, of course the activity is merely protest. 

Humor having intelligence is just an elitist form of repression and oppression. Humor is offensive by its very nature. It pokes fun at people, places, things, ideas, and whatever a humorist deems funny. Intelligence is nice but not necessary. 

CAIR has once again proven it should be ignored, totally ignored. They are not a civil rights group. They are a group of oppression that would squash and squeeze the First Amendment until it bled. CAIR should take “American” out of their name. It is insulting to Americans they would use “America” to deny Americans their unalienable rights.

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