Jay Carney and Hillary Clinton give the media memes

That happened a long time ago, what difference does it make is the new media mantra to defend Obama. Photo: AP Photo

CHICAGO, May 6, 2013— When Hillary Clinton was questioned during a Senate hearing over the Benghazi tragedy, her response was, “What difference at this point does it make?” The media, except for her fans, rolled over and played dead. Her media fans are preparing propaganda to make Hillary Clinton the next president.

Last week, when an errant or forgetful White House reporter went off script and asked White House Propaganda Minister Jay Carney a question about Benghazi, the minister replied, “That was a long time ago.”

The media now has the perfect talking point to protect and defend the administration. “That happened a long time ago. What difference does it make?” You can bet you will see and hear this repeated by so-called journalists regarding every failure from this failed presidency.

Fast and Furious, Jon Corzine, Solyndra, foreign policy, the economy, what is past is past, what difference does it make, move on, forward. That is the meme. And being good little boys and girls, the so-called journalists will obey. Unless, of course, there are stories the administration wants to push. Then they will willingly, cheerfully, and obediently report what they are told. They will report word for word too. All stories will sound and read the same.

The Newtown tragedy happened a long time ago too. What difference does it make? Yet, so-called journalists are covering the victims’ celebrity sympathy tour with the same giddy glee they cover Kim Kardasian’s panoramic posterior. The administration wants Newton and gun control on the front burner and the media will keep it there.

The health care bill was passed along time ago. Many Democratic legislators, who like the president, never read the bill, are claiming it is a disaster in the making. The media response,” What difference does it make?” The president wants this legislative disaster implemented and the media will do all in its power to see it is. Move on. Forward.

According to the Department of Labor, over 90 million people have left the work force. That puts the factual unemployment rate at roughly 30%. Well, they have been out of work a long time. What difference does it make? The administration claims unemployment is only 7.6%. Move on. Forward. Give the president cover.

The media has adopted the same slacker, who cares mentality as the administration. Major problems or issues? Nah, they are just bumps in the road. The president and propaganda minister said so. Move on. Forward.

It is really hard to determine who the bigger failure is. The president and his appointees or the slothful obedient media. It is easy to determine who the real victims are, the American people. They are being victimized twice. Once by an abject failing government- the president and the legislature. Once by a lazy, inept media. A media that idolizes politicians like screaming hormonal teenagers idolize singers.

As White House Propaganda Minister, Jay Carney has done an excellent job of keeping the press corps in line. Except for an occasional errant or forgetful reporter, the press asks the questions they are told to ask. They dutifully report the answers they are told to report, word for word. Being a journalist has to be the easiest job in the world. Just be a good little boy or girl, do, say, write, or ignore what they tell you, and get paid. As the Russian comedian says, “What a country”.

The state of political reportage in America is an absolute disgrace. There is no fearless courageous reporting. There is only lazy access cut and paste propaganda. No hard questions are asked, facts are never checked and double checked, and the truth is whatever politicians say it is. Journalism is political propaganda. It is no longer an honored profession populated by dedicated professionals. It is populated by hacks, scribblers, and pay rollers.  Get the handout, cut and paste, and grab the paycheck. Oh, and do not forget to couch everything in politically correct and palatable language.

Asking hard questions, checking and double checking facts, and trying to get the truth is considered offensive, politically incorrect, and forms the basis for some kind of ist, ism, or phobia. Reporters and their editors have a crushing fear of offending elected officials, especially their idols.

It is a pity so many people shed blood so we can have a free country and a Bill of Rights, including the First Amendment. But, the Revolutionary War was a long time ago, what difference does it make now. Move on. Forward.


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