Koch brothers versus so-called journalism

The Koch brothers are rumored to be interested in buying one or all Tribune Company media entities. Heads are exploding. Photo: Screenshot NGCWA

CHICAGO, May 3, 2013— What we do know is that great papers publish credible, trusted journalism online and on the printed page. Whoever comes to own these mastheads needs to understand that protecting newsrooms from ideological taint is no small thing. The future of American journalism depends on the ability to print truth, not opinion. (The Newspaper Guild, Communication Workers of America) 

Since when? There are no great papers left in America. Newspapers have not published credible, trusted journalism online or on the printed page for decades. They only print opinionated fiction. It is a sad state of affairs when the Onion has more credibility than established newspapers. They are honest. They tell us they are pulling our leg. 

Newsrooms do not need to be protected from ideological taint. They are tainted and infected with ideology. Owners and the public need to be protected from newsrooms, especially those represented by the ideologically tainted Newspaper Guild, Communication Workers of America (NGCWA). The future of American journalism does depend on the ability to print truth, not opinion. Unfortunately that future is bleak. 

The Newspaper Guild and other exploding heads are upset over the rumor that the Koch brothers want to purchase the Tribune Company, the Chicago Tribune, or the L.A. Times. Rumors have been swirling over their interest in one or all of the entities. Several staff members of the Los Angeles Times threatened to quit if the paper were sold to the Koch brothers. They should not let the door hit them in the assets on the way out. There are plenty of unemployed young journalists with student loan debt to take their place. Journalists are a dime a dozen and jobs are dear. 

“Three Los Angeles City Council members — including a candidate for mayor — asked their colleagues Tuesday to consider pulling city pension money from the investment firms that own the Los Angeles Times if they sell the publication to buyers who do not support “professional and objective journalism.” (Los Angeles Times) 

Since “professional and objective journalism” is as rare as hen’s teeth, they should pull the money out now. Who are these political poltroons kidding? They love the state of affairs. Journalists do what their political masters tell them to do.   

Journalism is no longer an ethical profession. It is not a profession at all. It is nothing but a propaganda machine, cutting and pasting whatever they get their hands on to push an agenda, from the right and especially the left. Real, hardcore, skeptical, fact checking journalists are few and far between. There are no real reporters left in journalism today. There are only agenda driven political hacks and fame seeking wannabes. They besmirch the terms journalist and reporter. 

The state of modern journalism has been rapidly devolving in to a cesspool of effluent. Used car salesmen and personal injury lawyers, the bottom feeders in the career food chain, are more honorable than newspaper reporters. Journalists are scum suckers. 

Who is anyone, especially extremists, to try to stop people or businesses from purchasing media entities? This is America. Anyone has the right to buy what he or she wants and operate it as they see fit. Whether it is the Koch brothers, Warren Buffet, or George Soros. No one should be stopped from owning a media outlet over political views. If that were the case the whole panoply of media outlets would be banned. 

Extremists on the left and right do not believe in the American way or its constitutional traditions, contrary to their lies. Just look at how the extreme right’s heads exploded when Al Gore and company sold Current T.V. to Al Jazeera. Some are even calling anyone who goes to work for Al Jazeera traitors. Evidently these are illiterates who cannot read what treason is. They are the same people who call for the president to be impeached, though they do not even know what offenses need to be committed for impeachment. 

This nation is dividing itself into polarized factions. We are no longer Americans. We must choose sides- right, left, or the extreme, where the tin foil hats live. Both sides would shred the constitution to win the hearts of the American people. Seeing who and what the American people elect to office across the spectrum, there are no minds to win. The extremists want everyone to think alike so no one is thinking. 

Indoctrinators instead of scholars have corrupted our education system. Students are not taught to think or think critically. The indoctrinators infect journalism schools, just like all other fields of academia. Journalism has been compromised. There are no ethics, except in dusty old tomes on library shelves. Propaganda, lazy access journalism, and cut and paste journalism are practices du jour. Questioning is out of the question. 

The free press in America has willingly, cheerfully, and obediently muted and censored itself. They gave up their freedom in the name of access and partisanship. They are no longer the watchdogs over government and governance. They are pink prancing dancing poodles. They eagerly await their kibbles and bits so they can entertain their masters. 

There was a time when journalists represented the people. There was a time when they questioned, checked facts, double checked facts, and provided the best version of the truth. There was a time when real reporters were jaded skeptics. 

That time died out as those reporters died. Journalism is nothing more than a big lie. If they want to be taken seriously again journalists should take a serious look deep inside themselves. Never mind. They would only see their own rotting carcass.










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