Oklahoma tornado saves President Obama

This administration loves tragedies. They make people forget about scandals. Photo: AP

CHICAGO, May 21, 2012 — “For there are homes and schools to rebuild, businesses and hospitals to reopen, there are parents to console, first responders to comfort, and, of course, frightened children who will need our continued love and attention. There are empty spaces where there used to be living rooms, and bedrooms, and classrooms, and, in time, we’re going to need to refill those spaces with love and laughter and community.” (President Obama’s statement on Oklahoma/whitehouse.gov) 

Whew! President Obama is saved. The presidency is saved. The nation is secure and united. Just in time for prime time, the Oklahoma tornado struck. Tornado season ended scandal season. The White House Propaganda Ministry will make sure the media understands that the scandals happened a long time ago, they are irrelevant, and what difference does it make now that there are victims the president and first lady can console? 

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The president can get all choked up and weep and do what he does best ― provide useless soaring rhetoric. The country can come together and feel good that he cares. We should join hands across the nation and sing Kumbaya. We will come together under his leadership in solidarity for those folks in Oklahoma. 

The president can hop that big ole jet, fly to Oklahoma, and hug men, women, and children. He can walk around the devastation followed by the adoring news media drooling over his every word, expression, and kissing his coat tails. Maybe he can put some Oklahomans on Air Force One and send them on a national victim’s sympathy tour. 

President Obama is the luckiest guy in the country. Every time his administration gets mired in effluent, a tragedy strikes to save him. Hallelujah. Thank God for shootings, mass murders, Mother Nature, global warming, climate change, and Al Gore. The president should be eternally grateful to Al Gore for inventing Mother Nature, an inconvenient truth if there ever was one. The president is very lucky that earth is in the balance and tragedy can strike at just the right moment. Now, he can stop being grateful to the NRA for inventing guns, violence, mass murder, and homicidal tragedy. Until the next time. 

So, while scandals fester in Washington and folks in Oklahoma try to grieve and put their lives back together, the media will lavish extensive coverage and praise on the heroic efforts of president Obama to save something or other. They will portray him as a super hero, leaving Washington faster than a speeding bullet, leaping Air Force One’s steps in a single bound. He will go to Oklahoma to fight for truth, justice, and the American way, or something like that. 

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The scandals are off the front pages and the top of the news. They are gone, forgotten, and irrelevant. How can anyone talk about scandals when there are people suffering, victims to console, and photo opportunities to be had? Scandals, what scandals?

The news media should not be irresponsible and put their heads back in the sand. Yes, they should focus on Oklahoma. They should focus just as hard on the scandals too. Now is not the time to put them on the back burner. So, while the president is walking, talking, and looking for an undamaged golf course in Oklahoma, the media should pepper him with questions about the scandals. If he demurs, proclaiming in a solemn, choked up voice, “Now is not the time …” they should double down and not let up. If not now, when? The urgency of now is upon us to get answers. 

Tornadoes happen every year in that part of the country. It is not called tornado alley for nothing. They are predictable. Scandals are not predictable, but they are premeditated. They are hatched under the cover of darkness and opacity by evil cabals whose self-interest trumps public service. 

If the news media give the president a pass because of this tragic tornado, they are as scandalous as this administration. 

By the way, those pour souls in Oklahoma will be in for a big shock. They will have to get in line behind the victims of Hurricane Sandy, who are still waiting for disaster relief and compensation. That is another scandal worth exposing to the disinfectant of sunshine.

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