News media are complicit in Obama scandal cover ups

The cover up is normally worse than the scandal. When the media covers up scandal it is horrendous. Photo: AP

CHICAGO, May 13, 2013 — “It continues a slovenly week for Barack Obama. The President has been very proud of the absence of scandal in his administration, and rightly so.” (Joe Klein)

Time Magazine’s Joe Klein is blinded by the aura of President Obama as the rest of his media cohorts. He and they would not see a scandal if it hit them in the face and bit them on the rear. This administration has been riddled with scandal, some minor, due to incompetence and some major due to incompetence or political agendas.

What was Fast and Furious? How about Solydra? Benghazi, anyone? The recent revelatory mea culpas from the IRS? Jon Corzine’s executive protection? The continuing saga of our failing economy? The incompetent response to Hurricane Sandy, which persists to this day? Eric Holder, the worst attorney general in modern history is a living, breathing, walking scandal.  

The biggest scandal is while Rome burns the media are listening with rapt awe to the president playing his lyre.

Remember, so-called journalists like Joe Klein will be writing the history of this administration. The worst scandal will be the whitewash they give President Obama. He will be touted as the greatest president in his-story. They have been writing narrative since the day he was elected. 

Make no mistake, President Obama is no better or worse than his predecessors. The media rightfully gives him credit where credit is due. They wrongfully, shamefully, and disgracefully give him credit when criticism is due. To the news media, President Obama can do no wrong. He is transcendent and above mere mortals. He is omnipotent and infallible. The only reason the president does not walk on water is he does not want to get his shoes wet.

The public should be disgusted with the news media. The media is complicit in aiding, abetting, assisting and participating in the cover ups of various scandals and other failures of this presidency. Some poltroons are comparing President Obama to Richard Nixon. If Richard Nixon had the news media on his side Watergate would have been an insignificant blip on the radar.

It is past time the media and people stop idolizing politicians. They are human, just like the rest of us. They are no better or worse. This president was put on a pedestal from day one by the news media. They are too unethical to take him down, even a peg. There are books to be written and too much money to be made.

Klein is not alone in his cheerful, willing, and obedient blindness. The whole media itself is scandalous. They have figured out a way to aid and abet the White House. 

The veil was pierced over Benghazi. No one with a scintilla of intelligence believed Benghazi was the result of a movie, except the news media, which pushed it. People were incredulous that the media was so stupid. It was not stupidity. Benghazi and the media participation in the cover-up was part of an intelligent plan to keep giving this president cover and concealment. 

The news media are supposed to be skeptical of government. They are supposed to question, question, and triple question everything. If their mother tells them she loves them, they are even supposed to question that. Better, they should check out if their mother is really their mother. Yet, when it comes to this president, they continually give him the benefit of the doubt.

It makes no difference whether it is right or left wing media. They are lying to the American people. It is despicable, disgusting, deplorable, and detestable. They have elevated politicians to celebrity status. The media long ago abdicated its watch dog status. They are nothing but pawns and propagandists. They are junk yard dogs protecting the scrap heap. 

But as long as so-called journalists are as famous as the Kardashians and Paris Hilton, they will keep lying to the American public. So-called journalists are not supposed to be famous for being famous. They are supposed to be objective observers and truth tellers. Modern media are subjective supercilious sycophants.

There are no Democrats or Republicans, no conservatives or liberals. There are only haves and have nots, ins and outs. The news media chose to be on the side of the haves and the ins. They are as corrupt as the politicians they cover up for. There are no ethics, morals, or tenets. They have no shame. They only care about access and propaganda.

The press willingly, cheerfully, and obediently surrendered the First Amendment. There are no cynical skeptical reporters. There are only copy, cut, and paste clerks.

A new journalism prize should be created on par with the Pulitzer. The awards could be given for lack of excellence, malpractice, and malfeasance in journalism. Instead of journalists and media entities getting prize money, they would be forced to pay money. We could name it after a genuine tabloid hack and scribbler. The Jay Carney Prize has a nice ring to it.






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