Senator Chris Murphy assails zombie industries

United States Senator Chris Murphy (D/Conn.) demands company stop selling zombie targets. Photo: Zombie Industries/Screen shot

CHICAGO, July 11, 2013 — United States Senator Chris Murphy, D-Conn., has his pants in a twist. He sent a letter to Zombie Industries demanding they “cease sale” of their “Bleeding Gun Control Lobbyist” shooting targets. The targets are part of a line of caricature busts of zombies. They are designed to shed fake blood when struck by bullets.

The company website describes the Gun Control Lobbyist target, “As a pro gun control lobbyist, this guy spent his days milling around Washington D.C. distorting the truth about guns & violent crimes…

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According to the letter, “This representation is incredibly offensive to both to the victims of gun violence and to the dedicated people who advocate for gun violence prevention, many of whom have lost loved ones to guns or are survivors themselves. These people have suffered in a way that is difficult for anyone to internalize, and their losses are impossible to truly understand. To trivialize these experiences and attempt to portray such knowledgeable, passionate people as villains is a shameless and despicable ploy to make a few bucks.”

What should be incredibly offensive to every American, pro and anti-gun, is Murphy’s knowingly, willingly, and probably cheerfully ignoring the First Amendment right to free speech and expression. Violating his oath of office to defend and support the Constitution is beyond offensive. It is shameless that he would advocate censorship in a despicable ploy to generate campaign bucks.

Politicians make it a regular habit to trivialize and attempt to portray speech and expression they do not like as villainous. Murphy has every right to criticize, just as we all do. He has every right to denigrate Zombie Industries and belittle its management. He has no right to censor.

There are many incredibly offensive and tasteless forms of speech and expression. They are all protected by the First Amendment. Maybe Murphy should have read the Constitution before he swore to support and defend it. As we have seen in the recent past, Senators have a reading problem. They do not or cannot even read the bills they vote on.

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Murphy does not have the right to use his office to threaten anyone’s right to free speech and expression. He has a duty and obligation to protect them.

Lobbyists are the lowest form of being there is. They are even lower than politicians, lawyers, journalists, and used car salesmen. They live and operate deep below the primordial ooze. There really is no such thing as offending a lobbyist, or a politician for that matter. In our current state of affairs they are offensive, tasteless, and worthless.

Could it be possible that Murphy took campaign cash from lobbyists of the Zombie Rights Campaign? Maybe his real objective is protecting zombies from bigots practicing zombiephobia.

Zombie products has come under fire before. One of their Zombie bleeding targets was purported to resemble President Obama. Looking over their product line, it is surprising more people or groups are not offended and protesting.

There is a Grave Digger Zombie target. There are no reports that grave diggers or their union are protesting. There is a Terrorist Zombie target. There are no reports from CAIR or terrorist groups demanding the target be censored. The Grey Zombie target should be incredibly offensive to aliens and those who support the cute little grey and green extraterrestrials. There is even a Nazi Zombie target. The Nazis, and their support groups do not seem to have their swastikas in a twist over this.

This is America. People have the right to portray such knowledgeable, passionate people as villains in a shameless and despicable ploy to make a few bucks. We even have the right to portray know nothing, passionless, politicians as villains in a shameless and despicable way. If people can make a few bucks doing that, more power to them.

Americans should never be afraid to express themselves, no matter how tasteless and offensive their expression is. On the other hand, they must accept any and all criticism for their expression and speech. No one, especially an elected official, has the right to demand censorship. We are not Europe or some backwater tin pot dictatorship.

We do not have to like what people say. We do not have to like their forms of expression. We do have a right to criticize. More importantly, we have a duty and obligation as American citizens to stand up and defend people’s rights to speak and express themselves, no matter how incredibly offensive and tasteless.

It is long past time we, as free citizens, demand an end to any and all abuses of our individual rights, especially by elected officials. Any and all censorship is evil and villainous. Our rights should never be trampled on. There is no legal concept of hate, tasteless, or offensive speech or expression in America. There is only free speech and expression.

Just remember, it takes just as much courage to accept criticism as it does to express yourself. Criticism is part of free speech and expression. Censorship in all its forms, including political correctness, are not. Politicians should be reminded of that every time they flap their soup coolers.


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