Jesse Jackson Jr.- “Tell everybody back home I’m sorry”

Jesse Jackson Jr. and His wife Sandi pleaded guilty to federal charges. Photo: AP Photo

CHICAGO, February 21, 2013— Finally. The epic saga of Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife Sandi is winding down. The disgraced former congressman, who is publicly milking his alleged bi-polar disorder for all it’s worth, pleaded guilty yesterday to federal charges of using his campaign accounts as a personal piggy bank. The government and other experts claim Jackson’s misuse of over $750 thousand dollars in campaign funds is the largest corruption case in the history of the House of Representatives. 

Disgraced former Chicago alderman Sandi Jackson pleaded guilty to one count of tax evasion. It is doubtful she will be sentenced to prison or at least sentenced at the same period her husband might serve. They have children, you see. 

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The former congressman faces up to five years in prison. His wife faces up to two years. That is disgusting. There is no sentence long enough for corrupt politicians. Life without parole is to short. There should be no mercy or pity for them or their children. They should both be sent to prison forever and forgotten. Their children will be well taken care of by the Jackson clan. Violating the public trust is a heinous crime against society. It should be treated as such. 

Crain’s Chicago Business columnist Greg Hinz wrote, He ought to be ashamed. And we ought to be ashamed for him, and for putting up with him. That would be true if Chicago politicians had any human redeeming values. They have no shame, integrity, honesty, morals, honor, or ethics. Chicago politicians are venal predators. They are predatory pterodactyls, swopping down to grab as much as they can. 

Citizens cannot be ashamed. Being ashamed takes intelligence. Chicagoans keep voting for these criminal politicians. Sometimes it is hard to tell if Chicago voters are just plain stupid or stupidly proud of the criminals they elect to office. 

The Jacksons join a long list of felonious corrupt Chicago politicians. It is a sad legacy and spreading indelible stain on the city of Chicago. Al Capone and political corruption are the only two things Chicago is known for. Criminal thieves say, “Give it up”. Chicago political thieves say “Gimme mine”.   

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The “Chicago Way”, “pay to play”, “friends and family”, and “it’s not what you know but who you know” are well known and well used phrases in the Chicago lexicon. Chicago politicians are the gang that couldn’t think straight. They keep getting caught. 

Chicago politics is not about public service. It is not a higher calling or noble enterprise. It is a license to steal. Chicago politicians steal more with their bespoke wardrobes than gangbangers and dope dealers do with their guns.  Chicago politics is about power and money. It is about not getting caught, hence the Eleventh Commandment, “Thou shalt not get caught”. It has been that way since the city’s inception on swampland on the shores of Lake Michigan at the mouth of the Chicago River. 

Chicago was established and built on crime and corruption. Corruption is the very fabric of Chicago’s cultural values and mores. The first thing Chicago politicians learn how to do is count. First they learn how to count votes then they learn how to count money. Oh, and they never make change. 

In Chicago, a poor politician is a dumb politician. A greedy politician gets caught. We have a saying for that to. “Pigs get fat. Hogs get slaughtered”. Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife were greedy hogs that got slaughtered. They never learned another Chicago adage, “Stick with the small stuff. The big stuff is nothing but trouble”.

There will be outpourings of sympathy for the Jacksons. The sympathizers should be remembered. They should be savagely disgraced and disparaged. They are nothing more than associates of organized crime, the Chicago political crime family. They are enablers. The sympathizers allow the corruption to continue unabated. Many benfit from this organized crime group. 

Jesse Jackson Jr. is not sorry about his crimes. He is just sorry he got caught. Unfortunately, there is a bright future for Jesse Jackson Jr and his wife. After a short period of redemption they will emerge as a political consultants or analysts. They may even get some kind of employment that will allow him to live in the manner they are accustomed. That is how things work in the “City of Big Shoulders”. All is forgiven. Let the bucks flow in. Unlike other ex-felons, the Jacksons will not have to scrabble in minimum wage jobs when the time comes. They will be richly rewarded for treachery against their constituents and their thievery. 

That’s the Chicago Way. 

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Peter V. Bella is a retired Chicago Police Officer, freelance journalist and photojournalist, cook, and raconteur.  He likes to be the irreverent sharp stick that pokes, prods, and annoys. 

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