Jesse Jackson Jr. finally does the right thing

Now can we get rid of Cynthia Brim? Photo: Associated Press

“Chicago ain’t ready for reform.” (Chicago Alderman Paddy Bauler circa 1955) 

CHICAGO, November 21, 2012— Hallelujah!! Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. resigned from his set in the House of Representatives. It is about time - past time. He should have resigned long ago, when his name surfaced during the Governor Blagojevich corruption probe. But being a Jackson and part and parcel of the Chicago Democratic Machine, he lingered on to collect his paychecks. 

Don’t waste pity or sympathy on Jesse Jackson Jr. He was just another criminally corrupt Chicago politician. If justice plays out, he will get a long prison sentence and lose his congressional pension. He will be denied the disability benefits he’s applied for. But as we have seen with hope and no change, pigs will fly first. 

Chicago politics is a cesspool of corruption. The Democratic Party in Chicago is nothing more than a sophisticated organized crime family. Chicago politicians are noted for only one thing: going to prison. They should change the name of the Metropolitan Correction Center to Chicago Democratic Party Headquarters. It would be appropriate, considering how many Chicago politicians have gone through their doors on their way to prison. 

The people who deserve some pity are Jackson’s constituents, especially those who live in poverty. During his seventeen years in Congress, Jesse Jackson Jr. did nothing for them except keep them poor. He played the politics of poverty. He brought no economic development, did nothing to attract commercial development, and saw to it that there was plenty of survival-level welfare money handy. 

It is reported that the former congressman is trying to cut a deal with federal law enforcement. He wants a light prison sentence, and he wants his pension and Rolls Royce healthcare plan to stay intact. He should get the maximum sentence and lose everything, just like anyone else would in his shoes. 

Ex-Congressman Jackson has such a lovely ring to it, doesn’t it? Someday it can be shortened to ex-con. 

Jackson hired high-profile attorney Dan Webb to help him beg for mercy. Webb is part of the old-boy network in the federal government. He is a former federal prosecutor and was the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, which includes Chicago. Webb is a partner at one of the most powerful law firms in the country, Winston Strawn. Winston Strawn is the oldest law firm in Chicago and has a global practice. 

Unfortunately, Webb will probably succeed in cutting a deal to get Jackson most of what he wants. It is shameful that a criminal politician should be the beneficiary of public largesse. It is truly despicable that a public servant who resigns in disgrace can still reap benefits from the hard working taxpayers. 

What’s worse is all the treacly sympathy pouring in from his brethren in Congress, especially the Democrats and their leadership. It’s further evidence that our elected leaders have no moral sense and no integrity. 

It is utterly appalling that Jackson waited until after his reelection to resign. Now the taxpayers in the near bankrupt state of Illinois have to foot the bill for a special election. Jackson did not care that tax money would be wasted. This was all about him. He only cared about himself. After Jesse Jackson Jr., everyone else came last. 

Former Congressman Jackson will soon be Convict Jackson, then all too soon he will be ex-convict Jackson. Hopefully, he will be relegated to the trash heap of history where he belongs - forlorn, forgotten and ignored. 

There is an important lesson to be learned from this. Never underestimate the stupidity of the average voter. You vote for thieves, frauds and criminals, and you get the government you deserve. 

In related news, Cook County Judge Cynthia Brim was reelected by the same margin as Jackson, 63.5 percent, in spite of the fact that she is legally insane and is a criminal defendant pleading the insanity defense. She will continue to collect $182,000 in annual salary. Yes indeed, Illinois voters have chosen the government they deserve.


Peter V. Bella is a retired Chicago Police Officer, freelance journalist and photojournalist, cook, and raconteur.  He likes to be the irreverent sharp stick that pokes, prods, and annoys.  His opinions are his and his alone. Mr. Bella is a member of the National Press Photographers Association, Online News Association, Chicago Headline Club, and the Society for Professional Journalists. 








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Peter Bella

Peter Bella is a retired Chicago Police Officer, freelance photographer, freelance writer, budding videographer, and passionate cook.  He aims to be the sharp stick that pokes and annoys.  The Middle Class Guy is a political column written from a center-right point of view.  While concentrating mainly on politics he will stray into culture, entertainment, sports, cooking, and humor from time to time, along with Memories of things Pabst.  All from a middle class perspective.

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