Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wastes 1.5 million dollars on Ceasefire

Mayor Rahm Emanuel wastes money on Ceasefire instead of using police to stem violence. Photo: AP

CHICAGO, July 28, 2012 — Mayor Rahm Emanuel has proclaimed that Project Ceasefire is getting $1.5 million dollars to help reduce mounting violence on Chicago’s streets.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel proclaimed it. It shall be. It is pure boodle, graft, and boondoggle. It is a total waste of taxpayer money. 

Ceasefire Director Tio Hardiman and creator Gary Slutkin, M.D. are laughing all the way to the bank. Slutkin gets to donate more money to the politicians that matter to keep the scam going. Hardiman keeps getting a welfare check. Grant money is just welfare by another name. 

The alleged purpose of Ceasefire is to mediate and interrupt violence, whatever that means. Ceasefire’s “interrupters” supposedly go into neighborhoods and beg criminals not to kill people. They do not tell them to stop committing crimes, being in gangs, amassing guns, or selling drugs. 

Major street gangs and the dope economy are the causes of Chicago’s violence, especially the spikes in weekend summer violence. Eliminate gangs and drug dealers and those spikes will drop. So will the large amounts of weaponry on the streets. That is common sense gun control. 

But then poor schmucks like Hardiman would have to go out and actually work for a living instead of getting welfare. 

Hardiman and his band of merry “interrupters” walk the streets like mopes telling people “don’t shoot, don’t shoot, don’t shoot”. They might even say “please” once in a while. 

It is a nice gig if you can get it. By the way, did Hardiman get the name “interrupters” from some comic book? Maybe there is an animated movie here, “Shootus Interruptus”? 

Hardiman blames the Chicago Police for much of the violence. He asserted the police “are too quick to pull the trigger lately.”  “You have this ‘license to kill’ mindset,” Hardiman said. “The mindset is: ‘We are going to get the crime down no matter what it takes.’ ” (Chicago Sun Times) 

Those same police are now expected to work with Hardiman and his “interrupters”. 

Someone should tell Hardiman that it is the job of the Chicago Police Department, and all law enforcement agencies, to get the crime down no matter what it takes. That is what policing and law enforcement is all about. 

What are the police supposed to do when confronted by armed criminals? 

Excuse me, Mr. Mookie Mamaluke sir, I happen to notice you have a firearm in your hand and are pointing it at me. Will you please cease and desist pointing the gun at me, and kindly drop the weapon sir. If you do not, I will be forced to draw my own weapon forthwith from its secured holster and properly ventilate your insides. Please, sir, don’t make me draw my weapon to use deadly force. It would be so very messy and inappropriate.” 

Let’s get real. If you point a gun at the police, or refuse to drop the gun you are holding, they are going to kill you. That is not a license to kill. It is justifiable homicide. Self-preservation is the highest order of nature. If you are too stupid to understand that, you have no right to live. 

Hardiman claimed Chicago youth are not properly trained how to deal with the police. Hmmm? Maybe he can find more grant money to teach them. It won’t change anything except the size of his bank account. 

How are inner city youth supposed to deal with the police? Politely, respectfully, and by the way, leave the gun at home. Thugs of all ages would rather be disrespectful, impolite, and fight with or run from the police with their guns. Death must be a better alternative to jail. 

Tio Hardiman is one of the self-promoting circus clowns and carnival barkers who use the grant system to rob, loot, and pillage the taxpayers. The media give him undeserved credibility. Emanuel wants to pay Hardiman. The Chicago media go hip-hip-hooray, flapping their flippers like trained seals. 

Toss them some fish. 

Hardiman is only an expert because he says he is. Hardiman is a shameless self-promoter. Chicago has a few of them, but they are usually storefront ministers who claim to be civil rights leaders. They have been shaking down the system for decades. Hardiman is just a Johnny-come-lately.  

Hardiman does not care about crime. He supposedly just wants criminals to stop killing, but, he really doesn’t. If the killing stops, Hardiman will have to find some other hustle to earn a living off government largesse. 

Hardiman wants the police to stop killing armed criminals, or at least not be too quick to kill them. Better the cops get killed or wounded than the armed criminals. Maybe Hardiman is a conservationist who believes in catch and release policing. Criminals can live to kill another day. 

Weepy bleeding heart liberals love people like Hardiman. The state and other government entities throw good money after bad at him. It is amazing how a glib tongue and a good grant writer can generate big bucks and credibility. 

Instead of spending money where it is needed — hiring and redeploying more police officers to dismantle the crime organizations, and using public relations to expose the gangs, drug cartels, and their leaders — politicians waste tax money and publicity on grifters like Tio Hardiman. 

Hardiman is just another in a long line of ineffectual useless self-promoting publicity hounds patting himself on the back for failure while the death toll rises along with his bank account. 

NOTE: Parts of this article were extracted from an earlier article written for Chicago Now. 

Peter V. Bella is a retired Chicago Police Officer, freelance journalist and photojournalist, cook, and raconteur.  He likes to be the irreverent sharp stick that pokes, prods, and annoys.  His opinions are his and his alone. Mr. Bella is a member of the National Press Photographers Association and the Society for Professional Journalists. 




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