Harry Reid must come clean if that's possible

Is Harry Reid a tax cheat, associate of organized crime, corrupt Democrat, or a pederast? Can he prove with documentation he is not? Photo: AP

CHICAGO, August 6, 2012 — If you Google “Harry Reid pederast,” you get almost one million results. A pederast, by the way, is a man who engages in sexual relations with an underage minor.

And while political blogs and social media lynch mobs are abuzz with these low blow allegations against Reid, nothing is proven. But according to the rules set by Harry Reid, he has an obligation to show that they are false, or he must be held accountable as a pederast. 

If you Google “Harry Reid organized crime,” you get well over one million results. He’s from Nevada, and we’ve all seen The Godfather. Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Hoffa, Caesar’s Palace - need we say more?

Is Harry Reid a pederast? Does he support pederasty? Is he a corrupt politician with ties to organized crime? Has he ever paid income taxes? Is he a tax cheat?

The odds are that Reid pays all the taxes his accountant can’t legally get him out of paying, that he had nothing to do with the Mafia (at least by Las Vegas standards), and that he is as disgusted as any of us by pederasty. But if the accusation is made, must we not ask, “What is Harry Reid hiding in his closet?”

Harry Reid, with no documentation or evidence at all, accused Mitt Romney of not paying income taxes for ten years. It’s an incendiary accusation, and without evidence it sounds like Senator Joe McCarthy bellowing that he had a list of “137 card-carrying Communist Party members” working at the State Department. He even waved a piece of paper in the air as he said it (it turned out to be his laundry list).

Republicans are calling Reid a “liar” and “dirty liar” over his childish antics. Even fellow Democrats are separating themselves with statements that seem to all begin with “I like Harry, but …” Reid’s spokespeople are calling Republicans “cowards” and Romney’s “henchmen.” 

Making unsubstantiated accusations with no proof, thereby forcing the accused to disprove, them is an old political trick. It is despicable, cowardly, and detestable, just like its practitioners, whether it is Harry Reid or anyone else. 

Only Reid does not care. He doesn’t care because he doesn’t have to. He does and says whatever he wants to because he can. No one can hold a candle to Reid when it comes to wallowing in the politics of filth. 

Reid claims an “old friend,” whom he refuses to name, has the down low on Romney. “The word’s out that he (Romney) hasn’t paid any taxes for 10 years.” “Let him prove that he has paid taxes, because he hasn’t.“ 

The only person who put the word out is Reid. By the way, Reid, and coincidently Pelosi, have continually and steadfastly refused to release their own tax returns

So is Reid a tax cheat? He should prove he paid his taxes, and paid his fair share. He should immediately go to a copy center, copy all the tax returns covering his whole life, and immediately make them available to the public. 

Harry Reid has disgraced and defiled the reputation of the United States Senate and the office of Majority Leader. He demonstrates he has no shame and no integrity.

The Founding Fathers and original members of the Senate would be ashamed of him. 

By the way, the Reid pederasty issue started a few years ago when Reid invested a lot of political capital on a progressive piece of so-called “hate crime” legislation. The legislation covered people who live alternative lifestyles based on sexual orientation, as defined by the American Psychiatric Association.

Pedophiles were included in the legislation. 

Various groups opposed to the legislation dubbed the bill the “Pedophile Protection Act.” The bill was officially known as “Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Hate Crimes Prevention Act.” It passed with heavy lifting by Harry Reid. 

So does Reid really want to protect pedophiles? Does he enable and support pederasty? No, but the law can be very narrowly interpreted to make a claim that he does. He therefor (under his logic) needs to address and refute that accusation with documentation. 

Is Reid a typical, corrupt, Las Vegas Democrat tied to organized crime and corrupted mob unions? How did he amass a $7 million dollar fortune on a lifetime of government salaries? Is his wife, like Mrs. Clouseau, an excellent household manager?

There is some evidence that Reid had mob ties, protected mob interests in Las Vegas, and was tied to Chicago mobsters. Reid has been named in well-researched books on Chicago Organized crime’s stranglehold on Las Vegas, especially their corruption of Nevada politicians, bureaucrats, and unions. 

Harry Reid has been the beneficiary of tremendous real estate deals, deals too good to be true. Some of his fellow dealmakers have turned up in organized crime investigations. Reid is a staunch supporter of Las Vegas unions. Those unions were created and/or totally controlled by organized crime. Is Harry Reid an associate or member of organized crime? 

Harry Reid needs to provide complete documentation proving he is not an associate or member of organized crime. Harry Reid must prove that his various real estate deals were legitimate and solely based on his business acumen (laugh if you must). 

Has anyone ever seen a politician go through such great lengths to avoid disproving allegations of sexual proclivities, corruption, and tax evasion? When you do not put something out, isn’t it because you are hiding something? 

Harry Reid needs to stop going to great lengths to avoid disproving all these rumors and allegations. Harry Reid needs to come clean, if that’s possible. 

Team Obama tacitly supports Reid’s deplorable attacks on Mitt Romney. Robert Gibbs and David Axelrod are reveling in Reid’s despicable conduct. Gibbs and Axelrod should produce documentation that proves they paid their income taxes. Why are they going to great lengths to avoid proving they paid taxes?

While we’re at it, what salacious sexual proclivities, and predilections are that dynamic duo keeping secret? What are Gibbs and Axelrod hiding in their closets? 

Harry Reid needs to produce documents and his old whistle blower friend, if he exists, to prove Mitt Romney did not pay income taxes. Reid made the allegations. Reid needs to prove them. 

Harry Reid cannot do that. To prove the allegations Reid would need Mitt Romney’s tax returns and he would have to make those tax returns public. That is illegal. Reid could be indicted and removed from the Senate. Harry Reid may be stupid, but he is not dumb. 

Harry Reid started this. It is time for him to prove it. Reid must provide the documentation or publicly humiliate himself and apologize. The latter will never happen. Being a Democrat means never having to say you are sorry. 

There is one other small thing. It’s just a minor aside and curiosity. Why is Harry Reid continually bashing and lashing out at NV Energy, which serves 1.5 million customers and 40 million tourists in northern and southern Nevada over their refusal to change to green power and technology? 

Could it be his son represents the Chinese company NV refuses to do business with? 

Does something smell here? Is there the reek, stench, and decay of political corruption and hypocrisy surrounding the Capital?


CORRECTION: The original article contained a typing error listing Senator Reid’s fortune at 70 million dollars. It should have been $7 million dollars.  


Peter V. Bella is a retired Chicago Police Officer, freelance journalist and photojournalist, cook, and raconteur.  He likes to be the irreverent sharp stick that pokes, prods, and annoys.  His opinions are his and his alone. Mr. Bella is a member of the National Press Photographers Association and the Society for Professional Journalists. 





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