The high tech lynching of Herman Cain

Larry O'Donnell and the rest of the liberals in the media have a hostile obsession with Herman Cain. Photo:

“…from my standpoint, as a black American, it is a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves, to do for themselves, to have different ideas, and it is a message that unless you kowtow to an old order, this is what will happen to you. You will be lynched, destroyed, caricatured by a committee of the U.S. Senate rather than hung from a tree. (Clarence Thomas, 1991)

CHICAGO, October 31, 2011- Today, the term “high tech lynching” has 1.5 million results on Google. Herman Cain, like Clarence Thomas before him, is the victim of a high tech liberal lynching.

MSNBC yellow journalist Lawrence O’Donnell led the pack last month, when he accused Herman Cain of sitting out the Civil Rights Movement and the Viet Nam war. Mr. Cain was not on the street protesting or humping through the jungle. In other words, he achieved nothing. He is a man of no accomplishment. Mr. Cain was never a soldier, a protester, or a community organizer.

Where was Mr. O’Donnell during the Civil Rights Movement and the Viet Nam War? Did he march or render some other public support for Civil Rights? Did he enlist in the armed services and volunteer for duty in Viet Nam? Was he a community organizer? Did he get a deferment?

What, if anything, did Mr. O’Donnell do during the Movement era and the Viet Nam War? Was he sucking mud in a rice paddy praying that a stray bullet didn’t have his name on it? Was he hiding behind a protest sign? Was he hiding in some educational institution, a dormitory, or his parents‘ basement?

Did Mr. O’Donnell dodge the draft or dodge police batons and tear gas?

It is so easy for Mr. O’Donnell, with his blow dried hair, designer suits, make up, teleprompter, and cue cards to shovel horse manure over the public airwaves.

Herman Cain is going through an excruciatingly painful vetting process by the Obama administration’s media enablers. Not one of these enablers spent ten seconds vetting Senator Obama when he was a candidate for president.

Some will excuse their new found passion for invasive hostile vetting as a way to make up for accusations that they didn’t do their jobs the last time. The truth is, this president must get re-elected at all costs. He is his-storic. No one, especially a genuine accomplished Black man, will be allowed to stop the march of his-story.

But the attacks on Herman Cain are not vetting. They are propaganda warfare. If anyone asked President Obama the questions being asked of Herman Cain or criticized him the way Cain is being criticized, they would be labeled racists. A few were.

So two can play the game.

Herman Cain’s detractors are racists. Larry O’Donnell is a racist. They do not want to see a real, accomplished, and successful Black man in the White House. They are satisfied that we elected a Black, any Black, to the highest office in the land. He’s just a symbol to them anyway; slavery is over, racism is over, White guilt is over, let’s move on.

Maybe Mr. O’Donnell and his deplorable ilk should take a stroll through some poor Black neighborhoods. They could witness their beloved progressive racism in action. They could witness people living in excruciating poverty with no hope, no change, and no future. Nothing has changed since the 1960s, except that the people are beaten down into submission instead of being angry.

The Great Society, and other ongoing social programs created the largest slave plantation on earth. It has been in existence for almost fifty years. They want it that way. It keeps people in their place.

Of course they would never drive through a ghetto. Unless they were in armored SUVs with heavily armed body guards, speeding over 40 mph.

Mr. O’Donnell and the rest will do anything to protect their son of privilege in the White House. No tactic is too low. No narrative is too nasty. President Obama is one of them. He came from the same protected background as they did and spouts all the right platitudes.

Unlike Mr. Cain, who worked, scraped, and fought for everything he earned, they got it all on a silver platter. A platter they are willing to tarnish to be down with the cause- whatever the cause is.

Mr. Cain is a symbol too. A symbol that any American can reach for the stars, succeed against all odds and/or try to achieve the highest office in the land. There are no barriers, obstructions, ceilings, floors, or roadblocks. That is one symbol that Larry O’Donnell and the rest must destroy.

They had their symbol. They proved their point. They won. Their guilt is assuaged. Now they are hanging out the sign.

Other Blacks need not apply.

Peter Bella is a retired Chicago Police Officer, freelance writer, freelance photographer, and consultant. He is a passionate cook and eater. He likes to be the sharp stick that pokes, annoys, and provokes. His opinions are his and his alone.





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Peter Bella

Peter Bella is a retired Chicago Police Officer, freelance photographer, freelance writer, budding videographer, and passionate cook.  He aims to be the sharp stick that pokes and annoys.  The Middle Class Guy is a political column written from a center-right point of view.  While concentrating mainly on politics he will stray into culture, entertainment, sports, cooking, and humor from time to time, along with Memories of things Pabst.  All from a middle class perspective.

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