Liberals ask where are the jobs in the debt deal

The liberal and progressive drowsy loiterers, lubberly louts, cozening foxes, and their sycophant-varlets are whining and complaining that the debt crisis deal did not have a jobs creation provision. Photo: Associated Press

CHICAGO, August 3, 2011—“And jobs? There is not a penny for jobs. Were you so angry at the lack of jobs in America that you voted for tea party Republicans in 2010? Congratulations.

You just got your reward: the back of their hand.” (Politico)  

Roger Simon of Politico must drink a lot of Kool-Aid and snort a lot of Obamium.  

He desperately needs an intervention.  He is lamenting that the debt crisis deal did not contain money for jobs.  He is not alone. The President, his party, and the professional liberal hangers on are doing the same. The Democrat and progressive slapsauce druggles, flouting milksops, and poverty pimps are rending their cloaks and gnashing their teeth that job creation was ignored.  

Government does not create jobs. Repeat it over and over again. Government does not create jobs.  It does not create income or wealth. It is not supposed to. It was never designed to. 

The most dangerous words in the English language are “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”. 

There is also no such thing as wealth or income redistribution, social justice, economic justice, or social economic justice or social economic justice equality.  These are intellectual abstract concepts created by fuzzy brained intellectual idiots, Mensa morons, and crepuscular cretins.  They live in ivory towers on their leafy campus boulevards of dreams.  

Only private industry creates jobs.  Jobs that let working families create prosperity and wealth.  Businesses, corporations, global conglomerates, factories, banks, Wall Street, manufacturers, retailers, industries, etc.  Many of these job creators are run by billionaires and millionaires who earn over 250 thousand dollars a year. 

Those evil greedy people who will not pay their balanced fair share of taxes.  They won’t eat their peas or take the haircut.  Those scoundrels who capitalize on the work of others. Those mangy rascals who contribute to the Armageddon of man made global warming coming to a theater of the absurd near you.  Those ruffian rogues who treat their employees like sweatshopt slaves.  Those are the only people who create jobs.

Government creates nothing.  It produces nothing.  It sells nothing.  It is supposed to provide a healthy infrastructure for the economy, the market based economy, to operate in.  Instead, it created a toxic emvionment.  A witch’s brew that is a volatile boiling cauldron waiting to explode.

It is the government’s fault millions of people are out of work, looking for work, or just plain gave up and are staring poverty in the face.  The government has done everything it can to regulate and tax businesses out of business.  The only private industry jobs government created are compliance jobs.  People who are hired to make sure a business complies with government fiats.  They do nothing to make companies profitable and are a total waste of money.  

Early in his administration the president made a statement that everyone, even his staunchest enemies and the conspiracy theorists could agree on.  He eventually got legislation passed, that would end the fine print in mortgage and credit card contracts.  He demanded those contracts be written in plain simple English so the average person could understand them.

This was a golden moment for the GOP and the business community. They blew it.  They shot themselves in both feet.  The should have strongly and loudly responded that they heartily agreed with the president and he should take things one step further.  He should demand, and use his executive power, to direct every single federal regulatory agency to rewrite all regulations in plain simple English so the average person can understand them.

For the past two decades, or more, intelligent people have demanded regulatory and tax reform so businesses could thrive.  Their pleas have been ignored by the government and the intellectuals.  This president is the worst.  He believes in more regulation, written in unbreakable code, to further destroy business and job creation.

The federal government, under the Commander in Chief of the Regulatory Forces, has waged an unrelenting and unremitting war on business and the American people.  He refuses to acknowledge or defend the country against the decades long trade war with Asia and other areas of the globe.  Better to punish our own citizens by making other countries obscenely wealthy.  Greed is only good for them.  Not America.

This is a war of attrition and terror against the American people.  The president is unleashing his regulatory homicide bombers against American companies.  Jobs for working families are collateral damage.

There is only one way to create jobs.  Let businesses earn profits.  Reform the dictatorial cryptologic regulatory system.  If the government wants revenue it should allow businesses to create obscene profits.  Profits are what they are taxed on.  If the government needs more revenue they should let businesses create more tax payers- American working families.  

This president does not want that to happen.

Peter Bella is a retired Chicago Police Officer, freelance writer, freelance photographer, and consultant.  







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